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Istanbul Airport

Istanbul, Turkey

The Istanbul Airport is a Helvar mega-project, and currently is one of the largest lighting control projects in the world.

Situated between Europe and Asia, Istanbul Airport acts as a hub for over 90 million passengers every year, and with an area as large as this, it’s vital to monitor and reduce energy usage as much as possible. The central hub features a tailor-made Helvar solution which allows the users to monitor the entire site; including the ATC Tower, Terminal Buildings and car parks, all while communicating with the other systems in order to share data, identify failures and regulate energy usage. Features such as daylight harvesting ensure that lights are not in use when the amount of daylight is sufficient.
There are over 300,000 lighting fixtures across the airport, and only five types of Helvar components are required to ensure all of these fixtures are working at optimum performance - routers, relay units, sensors, user interfaces and the Niagara software. Lighting at this airport is not only vital for the 40,000 staff, but it’s also important for the millions of passengers, in order to provide a welcoming and comfortable experience where the lighting used is as close to natural daylight as possible.
Istanbul, Turkey

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