The New Church – Enriched Through Atmospheric Lighting

Delft, The Netherlands

Breathtaking architecture enriched through atmospheric lighting

The New Church (Nieuwe Kerk) in Delft; everyone in the Netherlands knows this building! The church homes the Tomb of William of Orange among other royal tombs. The five-year renovation period ended on 10 November 2017 after a festive opening. The church has been traditionally restored and also complies with current standards in terms of installation.
New church
On behalf of Spie Delft, we provided the Nieuwe Kerk with the light management system and realized the integration with the other existing systems. The light management system controls all available lighting, from DALI luminaires to switchable lighting groups via a relay.
The autonomous operating system is mainly switched via the alarm. Upon arrival, the alarm is switched off, after which the lighting is set to one of the four pre-programmed scenes. When leaving the church, the alarm is switched on again and the lighting switches to night mode.
The special thing about the system in the Nieuwe Kerk is that the lighting can always be completely adjusted to the user’s wishes up to the luminaire level. Via a tailor-made visualization on an iPad and a 21 ”touchscreen, in addition to the pre-programmed scenes, a lighting group can be selected and adjusted, for example, all downlights. But it is also possible to select a zone in the church, after which it will zoom in and only the lighting groups that are located in this zone remain.
new church
Subsequently, it is possible to switch and dim per lighting group but also per luminaire and adjust the light colour for certain luminaires. If the lighting is adjusted as desired, the changes can be saved in special scenes, after which these scenes can be recalled at any time.
For optimal user experience, the team also commissioned the integration of all relevant systems in the Nieuwe Kerk. This means that video images from the security cameras can be viewed on the iPad and the 21 ”touchscreen, the malfunctions of the heating system can be read, the temperature can be read out and controlled and the clocks can be operated. It is also visible on a map which doors are opened.
Photos: Jan Buteijn

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Delft, The Netherlands