The Postal Museum and Mail Rail, London 

London, United Kingdom

 Helvar lighting control brings new life to The Postal Museum and Mail Rail in London 

PostalMuseum_5_Miles-WillisThe Postal Museum, located on Phoenix Place, a 20-minute walk from London’s Kings Cross tube station, is a heritage attraction open to the general public. 
The museum’s galleries and exhibitions spark interest among all age groups and highlight the world’s most significant historical events. The museum offers an informative display of the history of the postal system and currently boasts a fascinating exhibition on The Great Train Robbery, as well as an abundance of interactive displays and dressing-up options. 
Mail Rail is located across the road from the museum and offers the opportunity to ride a miniature train on the original private postal railway that was formerly used to carry mailbags. The ride is 15 minutes long with a running commentary from a former worker, detailing how the system works and the history of the line which stopped being used for mail in the year 2000. During the train ride, a stop is made at the original Mount Pleasant platform, where a short film clip is projected onto the tunnel walls, revealing and providing insight into the impressive story of the postal service’s world in the underground tunnels of London. 
PostalMuseum_7_Miles-WillisEach building is equipped with Helvar’s Imagine router which in turn is connected to a range of DALI devices, such as scene setting panels, mains dimming units, relays and sensors. Helvar’s Imagine system provides flexibility to The Postal Museum and Mail Rail should they wish to adapt and expand their lighting control needs in the future. The system also provides the capability for integration within a BMS (Building Management System), to enable full building automation. 
Furthermore, Helvar are able to locally and/or remotely control the lighting control system via our Graphic User Interface, providing a powerful, yet simple and efficient solution to control and maintain the system. 
“The lighting control installed at The Postal Museum and the accompanying Mail Rail is a perfect solution for showcasing the history of London’s postal system” says Pavlos Gklavinas, UK Head of Sales, Helvar. 


PostalMuseum_Iain_GomesDimming equipment, track lighting and control devices are implemented within Mail Rail depot’s event space, ride control area, exhibition areas, platforms and the workshop. In the tunnel, Helvar’s Digidim relay control is installed which provides tailored intelligent lighting control. 
Both The Postal Museum and Mail Rail have the opportunity to save lighting energy by finetuning sensors and optimising light-on time by utilising occupancy data. This enables better lighting conditions for visitors and staff, with less energy used and cost savings achieved. 
Photography: Images 1, 2, 3: Miles Willis, Image 4: Iain Gomes 
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London, United Kingdom