Sports and Wellness Hub, the University of Warwick

Coventry, United Kingdom

Helvar encourages productivity and enhances wellbeing at the University of Warwick

The University of Warwick were keen to create a more inviting atmosphere that would encourage a higher level of sports activity with integrated lighting playing a key role. By providing DALI lighting control systems, Helvar were able to meet the accessibility needs of the fitness centre. By integrating with Honeywell Building Management System (BMS) and Gladstone (a flexible leisure membership management software), Helvar enables the fitness centre to control the lighting for bookable areas. These areas include the main sports hall, squash courts, tennis courts, pitches, climbing wall, badminton, archery, studios and meeting rooms.

Each area is configured into a bookable group for required time slots via the Gladstone front end. When the required time slot is activated it will send a command to the bookable requested area and switch the lights on for the allotted time. Lights can be switched on in areas before members arrive, thus saving energy and costs. Further savings can be achieved through integration with heating systems. All of this enables members to feel at their best when they first arrive at the centre and encourages optimum performance levels during their chosen activity.

Warwick University

“The DALI lighting control system provided was more complex than usual due to integration requirements with 3rd party systems, however thanks to the excellent service and expertise provided by Helvar, these complexities were overcame and PC was achieved. Helvar then further supported the client by means of post PC assistance to ensure a smooth transition from handover to occupancy. I look forward to working with Helvar again on the next project.” – James Moxham, Electrical Project Manager.

With full BMS integration, the University of Warwick now have the ability to manage their spaces and building with full insight and greater efficiency. Helvar’s uSee software installation allow personal trainers and reception staff the ability to take control of each DALI device and change and group scene settings depending on the time of year and the usage of each area.

Warwick UniversityThe university has 32 910 Helvar routers connected to controllable DALI devices and 3 Helvar 435 BACnet gateways. Two of the gateways control all of the mapping points for what can be visible over the network for grouping and energy monitoring. The 3rd gateway is used for BACnet Broadcast Management Device (BBMD) dial in, enabling remote configuration so that the lighting can be set-up and changed without being on-site. The system can also be monitored 24/7 to prevent disruption.

Through Helvar’s intelligent lighting controls, the University of Warwick are now able to create an environment that encourages productivity and enhances wellbeing. Members can perform their best every day with the right light for the right activities, at the right time.


Products Used: 910 Routers, 13XX control panels, 320 Occupancy sensors/321 Multisensors, 924 Touchpanel, 444 Mini input units for switches, 435 BACnet Gateways and uSee interfaces for monitoring and adjustments

Coventry, United Kingdom