Studenthuset, Sweden


Studenthuset — A house of opportunity, with space for study, work and new ideas 


Studenthuset, Biblioteket

Studenhuset (The Student House) is a part of Linköpings university. It contains the university´s library, information centre, a restaurant, workplaces for students, and services such as a student health centre and guidance counselling. “Studenhuset is like the community of the campus. It combines the areas that students regularly socialise in and provides the necessities that form part of student life” says Jan Bietkowski, Heads of Sales, Helvar AB. 

Construction started in May 2017 and finished in July 2019 by Akademiska Hus. The building opened its doors to students in August 2019 and is situated at the university entrance, with the information centre helping students to find their way. The building offers creative surroundings where ideas and techniques can be tested, used and shared. In March 2020, the building received the prestigious 2020 Building of the Year prize. The jury concluded: “A clear shared vision accompanied by cooperation from all participants characterised the implementation of this project. Innovative solutions have permeated the entire project…The winner received the highest rating in all assessment criteria for the Building of the Year award.” 


Studenthuset, BiblioteketStudenthuset houses 1,000 new study areas and provides an innovative learning environment. “Together with Linköping University and other involved parties, our goal was to create an environment in which students feel at home and where we built, through excellent cooperation, a new student building on the cutting edge of sustainability”, says Hayar Gohary, Project Director at Akademiska Hus. 


Optimised for sustainability 

The building replaced Origo (built 1993). The project had a tight budget and high environmental targets. Around 40% of the old décor has been reused in Studenthuset to help save costs and reduce the impact on the environment. Studenhuset has met the criteria for the highest possible environmental certification standard – Miljöbyggnad Gold – by optimising energy solutions, the indoor environment and material choices concerning sustainability. 


Helvar_CaseStudy_Sweden_Education_Studenthuset_4_AnneNilsen“Energy-savings and cost-savings go hand in hand. Our systems ensure measureable energy-savings, so we’re proud to have met the strict targets”, says Bietkowski.

By adopting the Helvar lighting control system, the building benefits from lower energy usage. Helvar’s 312 sensor and 311 ceiling PIR detector monitor occupancy levels and switch on the luminaires based on presence detection. The 910 and 905 routers further provide energy-saving features via presence detection and daylight harvesting. Further automation can be achieved through scheduled events. In addition, a range of Helvar lighting controls and components successfully help to achieve the perfect lighting conditions. These include 13xx panels, 444 Mini Input Unit, and 492 16 A Power Relay Units. 



Photography: Image 1 & 4: Anne Nilsen, Image 2 & 3: Magnus Johansson