Aabenraa Hospital

Aabenraa, Denmark

Expanding Aabenraa Hospital with an intelligent Helvar Solution.

Aabenraa Hospital was expanded from its original 25,600 square meters to 80,000 square meters. With the expansion, there is now room for 210,000 outpatient visits and 36,000 admissions per year. The newest building at the hospital consists of six floors with laboratories, blood sampling, intensive care units, outpatient clinics, and wards. The focus of the expansion was patient health and wellbeing. This is shown in the interior and all wards in the new building are bright single rooms with their own bathroom.

This large scale expansion started in 2012 and was carried out in stages to reduce disruption to patients and staff. In the beginning of 2020 the new building was ready to receive patients. The lighting control is managed with a Helvar Digidim Router system which consists of 905 and 910 routers as well as Multisensors and PIR sensors. Control panels are installed in all wards where the light can be adjusted.

In order to integrate the lighting controls into the building system, a Helvar Tridium Driver is installed which enables operating personnel to easily monitor and control both the light, but also ventilation, water and heat. The integration of smart building technology at the hospital has increased the comfort and indoor climate as well as reduced the energy consumption.

Aabenraa, Denmark