Alto Vicentino Hospital

Thiene, Italy

The Alto Vicentino hospital centre is located in the city of Thiene, North-East of Italy. The hospital, designed by the well-known Studio Altieri, is considered as the flagship health centre of the Vicenza province and Veneto region. Being one of the most technologically advanced facilities in Italy, the most cutting edge technology was employed not only in healthcare services but also in the lighting management. The Helvar lighting system controls 90 % of the luminaires installed in the facility

The lighting system had three main objectives: energy saving, comfort of the patients and staff, and future flexibility. As environmental sustainability was one of the primary goals of the entire project, every choice was carefully assessed and the highest performance solutions favoured. The Helvar lighting system helps to achieve superior benefits in electricity consumption, reduces CO2 emissions and provides greater flexibility for present and future users.


The hospital was equipped with more than 8,000 dimmable light sources with as many electronic DALI ballasts, 390 Helvar Multi-sensors and numerous other components all connected via over a hundred Helvar DIGIDIM 910 Routers. The lighting system is managed virtually throughout the building, and the lighting control is facilitated predominantly automatically to keep energy consumption to a minimum. In some areas, operators do however have the option to control the lighting manually to ensure patient comfort.

Requirements of all user groups – occupants, patients, visitors and hospital personnel – were carefully studied. Besides patient rooms and clinics, there are also organizational services, administration, communal areas and corridors, canteen, bar, technical and outdoor areas, and many more that needed individual but efficient lighting. To fulfil all needs and activities of the areas and users, specific lighting scenes and automatic lighting events were programmed. Constant light sensors were provided in most areas to automatically reduce the amount of artificial lighting based on the available natural light.

Working 24/7 throughout the year, hospitals need to be up and running non-stop. To ensure quick and efficient maintenance of the lighting, it is essential to be able to monitor and control the complete system. The Helvar Designer software allows the facility manager to view the entire lighting system on his PC. He can also monitor its operation and react in real time for faults or malfunctions. The remote controlling not only presents the advantage in general wellbeing of occupants, but considerably reduces maintenance costs and allows scheduled maintenance to be carried out.

Thanks to its comprehensive range of products, Helvar was able to successfully meet all the requirements set in the plan designed by TiFS Srl and implemented by Gemmo Impianti. Both TiFS and Gemmo had worked with Helvar previously and knew the Helvar technology, the flexibility of its solutions and the reliability of Helvar staff: this was a distinct advantage in completing a complex project both in terms of structure and timing, and doing this in an extremely efficient way.

Thiene, Italy