Zleep Hotels


An efficient solution promises a good night’s Zleep

Zleep Hotels have 13 hotels in Denmark and one in Stockholm. The Danish hotel chain prioritizes environmentally friendly solutions and sustainable alternatives, constantly setting new requirements for itself, its partners and operating processes.
Energy saving solutions have been a focus when it comes to the lighting at the hotels, so Helvar’s LED lighting controls were a natural fit, resulting in an efficient, contemporary and comfortable lighting environment for the Zleep Hotels.


Zleep Hotels was established in 2003 based on the basic ideas of low room rates, comfortable beds to sleep in, TV with a lot of channels, free internet access, private bathrooms and a nice cup of coffee for breakfast.
All rooms at Zleep are equipped with LED lights to ensure lower energy consumption. Helvar was chosen as a lighting control provider for three of the chain’s locations.



The light is controlled by Helvar IMAGINE series routers, and using 454 and 452 dimmers gave the possibility of leading or trailing edge dimming of the LED lights at the hotels.