Helvar Warehouse — warehouse lighting as par of energy savings programme

Karkkila, Finland

At the end of 2007, Helvar committed to the energy conservation agreement of the industrial sector in Finland.
Within the programme, Helvar commits to decreasing its energy consumption by 9% from the 2005 level by
2016. In 2007, Helvar carried out an energy consumption analysis at the Karkkila production unit. The analysis
showed that the company has great potential for reducing its energy consumption. Lighting is an important part
of the energy saving efforts.

Helvar renewed the lighting of its 700 square metre
finished goods warehouse. The old lighting installation
dated from 15 years ago. A lighting expert,
Timo Mattila from Valaistus- ja sähkösuunnittelu Ky,
was invited to specify the new lighting. The project
aimed at improving energy efficiency and lighting quality
in the warehouse. A short investment pay back time
was one of the objectives of the project.

The lighting system in the warehouse uses the Helvar
DIGIDIM Router system that controls the lights according
to the digital DALI protocol. Helvar’s own DALI
electronic ballasts “EL2x49si” were chosen for the
luminaires. The warehouse area was divided into 14
zones with presence detectors. If no-one is present for
ten minutes, the lighting power drops down to 20%.

“The selection of luminaires with high quality optics
was a major factor in creating the desired power
savings. The system also requires a lighting control
system, presence detectors and daylight-sensitive light
control,” says Helvar Plant Manager Kimmo Kallio.

The new lighting system has been in use for only a short
period of time. According to the first measurements,
the energy savings have been nearly 70%, resulting
in 45,000 kWh less energy consumed per year. The
saving equals the total annual consumption of two
Finnish medium-sized detached houses with electric

Most of the savings are achieved through presence
detection. Another useful feature is the constant light
control helping to utilise the light coming through the
skylights. The dark warehouse floor was painted a
lighter colour to improve the reflection of light. Many
things must be considered in lighting planning to
achieve better energy efficiency.

Energy metering was included in Helvar’s new energy
efficient warehouse lighting system to monitor the functionality
and power consumption. Savings will increase
further as experience is gained and the daylight sensitivity
and presence detecting functions can be optimised.

Old lighting system:
• 69 luminaires
• Magnetic ballasts 2×58 W
• Energy efficiency; EEI = C
• Ave light level 268 lx (100%)

New lighting system:
• 69 luminaires
• Digital electronic ballasts EL2x49si
• Energy efficiency; EEI = A1
• Helvar DIGIDIM system with 910 DIGIDIM router
providing automated time controls, constant light
and presence detection features (312 Multisensors)
and push button panels for manual control
Ave light level:
• 400 lx occupied
• 200 lx unoccupied

Karkkila, Finland

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