Siemens Electric Machines

Czech Republic

Large and complex meets simple and scalable

By choosing a highly scalable lighting solution with strong integration potential, large industrial complexes such as Siemens Electric Machines Ltd. can achieve maximum energy savings with minimal headache.

Siemens Electric Machines Ltd. is a large and stable company with a long history in the region. Its main activity consists in the manufacture of electric motors and it ranks among the global leaders in this area of manufacture. In addition to the Mohelnice plant, electric motors are also manufactured in two other plants in Moravia – Frenštát pod Radhoštěm and Drásov.
Project description
The first stage of the refurbishment was performed in 9 halls, where the lighting system replacement included the implementation of a complete Helvar Imagine control system, with 4,500 controlled DALI luminaires using a shared visualisation, energy monitoring and event planner on a Helvar web server. Over time the implementation continued and three years later, over 6,300 luminaires were already incorporated in the Helvar Imagine system across the entire Siemens complex. An excellent project commissioned by Helvar partner DNA Central Europe.
The complex consists of several independent production halls, each of them operating under its own regime, with the lighting system controlled exactly in accordance with the operational requirements and local requirements of the management of these individual sections. Helvar’s lighting control system ensures reliable operation of the installed Siteco LED luminaires with precise regulation based on the amount of available daylight.
Feature-rich integration
Management and supervision over the functioning of the lighting system is ensured by user visualisation, which includes a comprehensive software solution with a planning calendar and a web server controlled by the plant’s power engineering specialists. Standard local regulation is managed using buttons assigned to specific luminaire groups that also signal the current status of the given section. The system is set up so as to ensure maximum savings of electricity thanks to the fact that each hall is equipped with a central Helvar light sensor for maximum daylight harvesting. Breaks for individual operations are also activated here. As there are three individual operations taking place in a single hall (two-shift, three-shift and continuous) it was necessary to adapt breaks corresponding to these operations as well.
Intuitive, scalable lighting management
At the entrance to the halls, there are buttons activating the round in case of night-time inspection of the plant. The Helvar Imagine lighting control system, including the Helvar web server, was implemented when the lighting systems at the two other Siemens plants, Frenštát and Drásov, were also being replaced.
Each hall functions as an independent autonomous unit with its own luminance meter. Everything is then connected in a uniform superstructure, which is used especially by the enterprise’s head power engineering specialist. The system is controlled using switchboards with backlit buttons; great emphasis is placed on automation using the planner. Energy monitoring options are frequently used for assessing lighting usage and efficiency, allowing for constant improvements to be made.

Key figures:

61 Helvar Imagine DALI 910 Routers.
13 Hevlar 329 Sensors.
35 Helvar 942 Input Units.
Hardware: 1 x WEBserver60 with extension to WEBserver100 + 1 x WEBserver20.
Total area of the plant: 36 ha
Czech Republic