Unipro Finland


Providing a uniquely flexible solution for Unipro

Finnish lighting track manufacturer, Unipro, who provides safe and modern track lighting and introduced the world’s first PVC and Halogen-free track system in 2018, opened a modern production and warehouse facility in Hämeenlinna, Finland, in autumn 2021.

Project background
“We were looking for a partner with whom we could add value to our lighting tracks. We found an excellent match with Helvar thanks to their ActiveAhead wireless solution and the new DALI track sensors, which use the Unipro DALI track adapters”, explains Vesa Samela, CEO of Unipro.
Unipro required an intelligent lighting system for the whole building, which can be flexibly modified to accommodate their needs today and in the future. Therefore, it was an essential requirement to use DALI lighting tracks for simpler installation and mounting and to achieve energy savings by having the lights dimmed lower and off where no presence is detected.
“It was clear from the beginning that we would equip our new factory with the Helvar ActiveAhead solution, and we’ve been delighted with the decision. Experiencing the solution ourselves on our premises gives us the confidence to promote it to our customers”, expresses Samela.


Adding lighting intelligence to lighting tracks
“At the Unipro site, we have piloted ActiveAhead Node Advanced and DALI track sensors. Those sensors are the result of our collaboration with Unipro, and I’m thrilled with the outcome”, says Matti Vesterinen, Director, Wireless, Helvar.
Helvar ActiveAhead with system sensors controlling standard DALI luminaires from Ledimo has been installed in the building. The high bay production and warehouse area have 322 High Bay Multisensors for movement detections. Each long aisle has two ActiveAhead Node Advanced products, each controlling one end of the aisle. This design allows us to change the configuration in the future flexibly should there be any changes in space layout, for example, if production machines are moved, changed or added.
Each Node Advanced controls 4-5 DALI luminaires and 1-3 pieces of 322 High Bay DALI sensors. Overlapping groups are used to turn the adjacent aisle ends onto a low level when movement is detected on an aisle. This is supported by ActiveAhead’s self-learning feature, which learns from patterns in the space; thus, Node Advanced products learn to follow the other Nodes and turn lights on automatically based on the learned sensor patterns.
Light output levels and timeouts have been designed to meet the needs of the production and warehouse areas. There are long enough timeouts, especially in the production areas where individuals may be still or hiding from the sensor for long periods.



Complete flexibility in design
The same system for the high bay production and warehouse side has also been installed in the office side of the building, providing an easy-to-use system. All luminaires and sensors on the office side are mounted into Unipro’s DALI lighting tracks, allowing the freedom to adjust the placement of the devices if required. Tracks are controlled with the Node Advanced products, providing each DALI device with an address so that each light can be individually tuned. There are up to 7 DALI luminaires and two sensors connected to one Node Advanced, depending on the space. The office comprises social spaces, corridors, open plan areas, small rooms, and a meeting room. The lighting in the meeting room can be controlled with a wireless control panel enabling the light output level to be individually adjusted per luminaire on the button scenes while having all the luminaires connected to just one Node Advanced product.
Additionally, the open plan area has a wall panel for the entire space to accommodate larger company level meetings. The smaller rooms have ActiveTune control allowing individuals to easily tune the room lighting via the ActiveTune app without leaving their desks. The corridor hold function enables energy savings as the corridor lights are kept to at least power save level while any of the smaller rooms or the meeting room is in use.
“The solution with the Node Advanced combined with the track sensors and Unipro DALI lighting tracks has worked really well and has proven to fit very well to the use cases we planned when we started the collaboration,” says Matti Vesterinen, Director, Wireless, Helvar.


Project Requirements:

Warehouse / production side:
16 pcs: 5609 ActiveAhead Node Advanced
27 pcs: 322 High Bay Multisensor
Office side:
9 pcs: 5609 ActiveAhead Node Advanced
2 pcs: 320 PIR sensor
9 pcs: 321 Multisensor
2 pcs: 185 Wireless Control Panel
2 pcs: ActiveTune