The Netherlands

Optimal lighting comfort at Rijkskantoor De Knoop

In the Netherlands, the Central Government Real Estate Agency has transformed the former Lieutenant General Knoop Barracks into a modern government office where various government services have taken up residence. Parts of the old building have been demolished and the remaining parts have undergone a large-scale transformation. Consortium R Creators – consisting of consortium partners Strukton, Ballast Nedam and Facilicom – have established this redevelopment, and Helvar lighting controls have been installed on the site.


Helvar has installed a lighting control system on behalf of R Creators, which now brings about significant energy savings as well as optimum comfort for the users of the building. All rooms are equipped with presence and absence sensors. In addition, the lighting management system is integrated with the building management system via a BACnet link.
This means that the information from the motion sensors can also be used to switch on ventilation, heating or cooling. Using presence detection technology,  it is also possible to determine which rooms have been used in a certain period. The flexibility of a DALI network system ensures that the lighting can always be easily adjusted without the need for adjustments in the installation.



Service and Maintenance
This government office was commissioned within a Design, Build, Finance, Maintain & Operate (DBFMO) contract. This means that R Creators is responsible for the management and maintenance of the building for 20 years after completion. Service and maintenance were therefore important topics during the awarding process. Helvar provides this by means of an online service in which faults and other defects in the emergency lighting are automatically reported to the operator on-site. As a result, the time that a room is out of order is minimised, faults are resolved prematurely and maximum comfort is offered to the user. Read more about Helvar’s cloud-based suite of digital services, Helvar Insights.



Key Facts

Surface area: 32,944 m2
Number of sensors: 865
Controls / inputs: 430
DALI routers: 112
DALI fixtures: 11,000
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The Netherlands