Lublin Metropolitan Railway Station


Driving Metropolitan Station’s Sustainability Through Lighting Control

This is a story of one of the most eco-friendly facilities in Poland. Metropolitan Railway Station in Lublin is a public transport center that connects urban, regional, and national transport networks.
Spanning three floors and covering over 18 thousand square meters, this massive station where glass and concrete dominate, represents almost PLN 340 million investment, that was awarded in the category of Modern Communication Centre in 2023.
This ESG-driven project promises not only a positive impact but also tangible financial returns. Intelligent lighting control is key, offering significant energy savings that are critical for achieving net-zero targets and sustainable spaces.
Metropolitan Station Lublin

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Helvar’s Intelligent lighting control solutions, create safer, healthier environments by features like optimizing light levels to support users wellbeing and productivity. Our modern systems offer granular control, scene-setting, and open protocol integration (such as BACnet), empowering specifiers to design highly-flexible solutions. This approach leads to continuous improvement, with benefits like reduced downtime, improved ROI, and increased sustainability. Lublin Metropolitan Station utilizes a DALI-2 system prepared on Helvar Imagine to maximize energy savings. When combined with movement detectors, it ensures lighting is only active where needed, potentially reducing energy consumption by up to 70%.
HC Center, our regional partner, has delivered and programmed a lighting control system that complements the station’s green mission.
Metropolitan Station in Lublin

pic. Lublin City

In the era of smart buildings, seamless integration between lighting and other systems is crucial – that’s why Imagine supports multiple open protocols for easy integration. The BMS has been integrated with the lighting control system through our BACnet 436 Gateway, which provides a simple interface, and allows lighting system data to appear in a BACnet Building Energy Management System.
The lighting control system has been cleverly designed for efficiency and flexibility, with different zones operating independently. The Main Hall relies on a sensor for continuous lighting, with override options from the panel or BMS. Stairwells conserve energy with motion-activated lights. The underground parking features ring-shaped fixtures provided by Luxiona, and controlled by the BMS.
The Main Contractor on the project was Budimex, who overlooked the electrical installation of the lighting controls.
“After the decision to implement the lighting control system, Helvar gave the investor an excellent presentation on the system’s functionality. The standout aspects were great technical support and the smooth installation of the lighting system.”says Michał Bucior, Electrical Expert at Budimex.
Lighting plays a crucial role in enhancing passenger comfort and safety. Now, thousands of passengers passing through the Lublin Station enjoy a more welcoming, sustainable, and functional environment.
Metropolitan Station in Lublin

Pic. Lublin City

Key facts

Project completed: 2023
Project location: Lublin, Poland
 Local Helvar Partner: HC Center Sp. z o.o. sp.j.
Lighting Design: Luxiona
Main Contractor: Budimex
Architects: Tremend