Färgskrapan, Sweden

Sollentuna, Sweden

Sollentuna’s new colourful addition, Färgskrapan – installed with Helvar lighting controls

Project description
Färgskrapan, a new innovative and colourful 15-storey skyscraper, located just north of Stockholm, is set to create a remarkable and visible addition to the Sollentuna Municipality. ON Architects won an architectural competition with the ambition to create a unique and architecturally interesting high-rise building. Located a stone’s throw from Sollentuna station, and predicted to become Sollentuna’s new landmark, this building stands out with such a colourful facade.
Property owner, Vacse AB (publ), ordered the project. Skanska was awarded the contract and started the construction process at the end of 2017 and the project, which comprises a total of 17,000 square meters, is set to be completed in 2020. The property will become one of Sweden’s largest district courts containing parts of Attunda District Court (such as negotiating rooms, security rooms, training rooms and workplaces) as well as other companies and organizations with the ground floor of the building comprising of shops, social areas and cafes which will connect to the pedestrian zone under the railway. This new skyscraper will not only add colour to Sollentuna, but it will provide an attractive new lease of life, attracting tourists from around the globe and providing a social hub for the Municipality.
Excellent-certified BREEAM rating Färgskrapan is being built with the environment in mind and has been awarded an excellent-certified BREEAM rating. With solar panels mounted to the roof, and with 1,100 square meters of green roofs being built on the roof terraces (providing an area for insects to pollinate and a sanctuary for birds), this property is set for a sustainable future. “Given its desire to be an environmentally friendly building, we are so pleased that Helvar was chosen to install the lighting control. Helvar solutions provide many opportunities to meet growing energy efficiency needs. Our systems guarantee innovative lighting solutions with clear and measurable energy-savings. I am sure we can significantly reduce Färgskrapan’s energy costs” says Hans-Göran Johansson, Sales Manager, Helvar AB.
Helvar lighting solutions chosen “This was an exciting project for Helvar to be a part of! This building will be a focal point for Sollentuna Municipality. There were many different lighting control needs, especially in the courtrooms and I am pleased to say that Helvar has been involved in this building” added Johansson.
With its clear striking exterior, Färgskrapan is home to around 50x Helvar 910 Routers. The building is also installed with 300x 320/321 sensors, 150x 130XXX panels, 100x 492 relay units and 100x 318 Wall-Mounted PIR Presence/Absence Detectors. All of these solutions have been chosen to be future-proof, and with flexibility, scalability and energy-savings in mind. “Assemblin has great experiences from working with Helvar. We chose Helvar for this installation as we are familiar with their products and our own personnel, who are trained by Helvar, can commission our projects” says Jan Ekqvist, Project Manager, Assemblin. “The specification is that the lighting system should work seamlessly with the users of the property. It should work without too much involvement from the people. Helvar’s lighting control has this impact on visitors/staff” added Ekqvist.
“We would definitely use Helvar for future projects, as we only have positive remarks to say about Helvar. They are always quick to react to our questions or demands and there is always someone available to contact” Jan Ekqvist, Project Manager, Assemblin
Photography: Skanska
Sollentuna, Sweden