intu Eldon Square

Newcastle, United Kingdom

intu Eldon Square located in Newcastle is one of the largest shopping malls in the UK. The original site “Old Eldon Square” was originally built in the 1820s as part of the regeneration of Newcastle’s city centre.

Today, intu Eldon Square shopping centre is the prime spot in the city attracting customers to some 140 shops, restaurants and leisure attractions. Additionally, 20 new restaurants are under construction as part of the new Grey’s Quarter development which is due to open in 2016.

As part of a project to refurbish and remodel the mall areas, intu was looking to commission a lighting control solution that would be flexible, energy efficient and could cater for various environments. Helvar delivered a DALI lighting system with a web based solution to monitor energy consumption, customised colour control and a reporting capability that ensures the system is maintained to run at maximum performance.

The required lighting control solution needed to work with various light fittings, which included lighting based in the general shopping mall, whilst being flexible with colour change capabilities. Daylight sensors were installed to areas where lighting scenes can be programmed to fully utilise natural light and mix this with artificial light where necessary, creating an energy saving solution. Predefined scenes for cleaning and security were also included into the lighting system.

Helvar implemented a remote access facility to assist the site with potential fault analysis using the Helvarnet graphical user interface. This enables the operation to be done quickly and without disruption, all adding to savings to the customer whilst ensuring fast response times.

Helvar’s lighting control system gives huge visual impact to the shopping experience, which is common throughout various intu sites and means staff can easily understand the system operation when working out of other intu locations. Helvar have been involved in a number of major intu sites both on new refurbishments and new build projects.

By conducting training with the intu staff, Helvar are able to provide the client with flexibility and consistent operational control should members of the team move to other intu sites and have to control the lighting controls.

Helvar also control various other LED luminaire types which require leading & trailing edge mains dimming. By using the Helvar Universal dimming module, this enables the client to have site wide control of all luminaire types, giving a complete operational system.

The Helvar system gives the client the added comfort that the system is both futureproof & scalable, and can handle the control of any new controllable luminaire technology throughout the life cycle of the project

SOLUTIONS: Web based control solution, custom colour control, DALI lighting system, graphical front end

Newcastle, United Kingdom