Generator Hostel Amsterdam

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Generator Hostels has brought a new meaning to affordable accommodation.

Gone are the images of busy, crowded rooms, Instead, the guest experience is re-invented through a range of contemporary, stylish hostels, complete with responsive, mood-enhancing Helvar lighting control as can be seen in the chain’s recently renovated site, Generator Amsterdam.

Opened in March 2016, Generator Amsterdam, accommodates up to 564 guests and is part of a group of twelve hostels across European cities, set to grow to 14 by 2017. The original building was built in 1916 and is located next to one of the biggest parks in Amsterdam, the Oosterpark. The new hostel has 168 rooms with park and garden views, and a recent renovation adds two floors with glass walls, as well as a luxury penthouse apartment for six guests.

Lighting designer, Artec3 specified Helvar for the lighting control of the new hostel with local installer, Elektra Amsterdam BV, appointed to carry out the installation.

“The interior lighting for this project was very challenging as we had to follow the very stylish design of the Generator brand through the use of vintage fittings.

To achieve this, we used a combination of retro fixtures with LED to fill all areas in the hotel. From the entrance lobby, through the restaurant to the bedrooms, light form part of the decoration thanks to the shapes of adapted fittings recovered from the 70s.” comments Fernando Rojo, Principal & Office Director of Artec3.

“The first key requirement was to convert the incandescent and metal halide vintage fittings found in old fashion shops by the interior designer and convert them into efficient sources of light, which could also provide the kind of light needed to achieve the functional ambient light desired,” continues Rojo.

“The second important concern was to make those fittings controllable by the dimming system. To choose the right driver on those adapted vintage fittings was crucial, but to use a good dimming system was even more important, and Helvar succeeded on this task.”

Helvar’s solution brings control to many areas of the renovated building, including the lobby, reception, lounge, bar, library, travel shop, washrooms and corridors.

They are controlled via Helvar’s 311 and 314 sensors. These ceiling PIR detectors turn the lights on when a room is occupied, and off when the room is unoccupied.

Helvar 135 button panels are located in each of these areas to give control for those using the room. The Helvar lighting solution can also be controlled though the AV system, installed by proAV.

In the reception area, staff can access a touchscreen which controls the complete lighting solution in the hostel. This includes day mode, night mode and activating the lights needed for cleaning.

In addition to the lighting, the DJ booth in the bar is connected via DMX to the Helvar system through Helvar’s 920 routers. This allows the DJ to choose between different lighting scenes, depending on the type of music being played.

The use of Helvar control has continued to create a contemporary and comfortable lighting environment for the Generator Hostels though it’s easy to use and visually stunning controls. Hospitality is a key market that can benefit from such controls, as guests often require different lighting scenes to see them though from arrival to check out.

Amsterdam, Netherlands