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Škoda Parts Center – The largest warehouse of original parts in Czech Republic

ŠKODA AUTO has been selling and distributing original spare parts since 1992, when it took over the business from the state-owned Mototechna. As part of the development of the brand and the need for smooth distribution, construction of a new warehouse and distribution centre in Řepov, within sight of Mladá Boleslav, began in 1998. Since its opening in 1999, the company has expanded its warehouse to its current area of 180,000 metres2. In 2017, 3 warehouses were built within the Škoda Auto Group’s production plants in Mladá Boleslav and Kvasiny. The largest of the completed projects is the Škoda Parts Center hall. It is the largest warehouse of original parts in the Czech Republic and is also one of the three European central warehouses of the Volkswagen Group.

About 1,500 luminaires in the Škoda Parts Center are controlled by Helvar. The lighting system is operated precisely according to the requirements of the operation and the Helvar lighting control ensures the reliable operation of the installed LED luminaires from Trilux. The control and monitoring of the lighting system function is provided by means of a user visualization, which includes a Legend + 6 control modes. The control modes were created according to the user’s requirements in close relation to the operation itself and are: yellow – full light output without regulation (100%), bright green – automatic regulation according to daylight + presence detection, green – automatic operation without presence detection, 1st phase with reduced illumination intensity, dark green – automatic operation without presence detection, 2nd phase with automatic switching off after a set time, grey – manual shutdown with blocking of the occupancy sensors function, red – full light output without regulation (100%) due to loss of communication of the lighting control system.
Detailed technical description:
From the switchboard cabinets (RS) the lighting is controlled in sections: Warehouse S2 / RS 30, Reception / RS 20, Expedition / RS 40 + RS 10. The installed brightness meter uses the contribution of daylight to continuously regulate the lighting system depending on daylight and maintain a selected constant level of illumination for individual rooms with emphasis on maximum efficiency of operation and energy saving. This is evidenced by the installation of approximately 80 high-performance High-Bay occupancy sensors providing full coverage of both vacant warehouse areas and corridors and individual shelf aisles. During morning, afternoon and night breaks, the lighting system is operated in a special time mode with corrected lighting intensity. Also the lighting of the outside ramps in the receiving and dispatch areas is set for night operation with the possibility of changing the intensity of lighting on arrival, departure of transport vehicles.
An integral part of the user environment is Webserver 20, which enables the creation of a user superstructure or its modification according to the current requirements of the operation. Webserver includes: User visualization, Energy monitoring, Planner, Event reporter.
In the future, the integration of emergency lighting including the integration of lighting control into the MaR can be added to this superstructure.

“The Helvar system reliably meets all the necessary requirements for the operation of the lighting system” 

– Mr. Rostislav Švanda,
Head of Maintenance.

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Czech Republic