Lighting in Healthcare

Dynamic lighting means putting people first. Light plays an integral part in our everyday life, and we’re most comfortable bathed in light which is as close to natural light as possible. Helvar lighting controls are designed around our bodies’ natural circadian rhythm, and can automatically respond to seasonal and environmental changes to ensure we’re always performing at our peak in the right light for us.

Our aim is to provide a lighting solution for your space that suits your specific needs, with the aim to streamline your buildings efficiencies whilst maximising both patient and employee wellbeing.

Helvar Solutions for Healthcare Applications







Lighting Control Solutions in Healthcare

Helvar ActiveAhead Generation 2

Truly intelligent wireless lighting.

This smart solution is a self-learning AI-based lighting control system. It learns over time, adapting automatically to changes in space usage, can be installed over a lunch break, and being a wireless solution, it’s perfect for renovations. ActiveAhead works out of the box, or you can adjust a plethora of settings using the ActiveAhead app.

Helvar Imagine

Imagine Endless Possibilities

The Imagine Router Solution offers a creative and intelligent approach to lighting design. The system can effortlessly manage the entire lighting system throughout a hotel with ease. Imagine is perfect for architectural and large commercial applications. The Imagine system even enables seamless integration with other building management systems!

  • Why choose Helvar
    • Simple control for patient comfort
    • Task lighting for medical personnel
    • Automated control of public spaces
    • Power on to last level used
    • Presence/absence detection
    • Fully scalable, from a bed to a building
    • Integration with building management system
    • Energy monitoring and control

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Our Healthcare Case Studies

We believe lighting is vital for clinical spaces for both patients and staff – see some great examples below: