Helvar Supporting Research

It is important to know more, to learn and develop the world around us. To help scientists study the effects of light and lighting, energy-saving possibilities, UX, preferences and other new and developing topics, Helvar has prepared two lighting control sets for researchers.
We are offering these research sets for free to university groups and researchers performing related research. If one of the sets seems to be suitable for your research, please send your request to research@helvar.com. In your email, please briefly explain what kind of research you are planning to do and how you are planning to publish the results.

Helvar Available Research Packages:

RoomSet Research Package

RoomSet is an app-based lighting control system for DALI luminaires. It’s designed for repeatable spaces such as meeting rooms or classrooms – the key features of RoomSet is the incredibly quick and easy commissioning. You can find more information about the system here. Please note that luminaires are not part of the package. The research package contains:
· 331 Advanced Multisensor
· 407 Compact DALI Power Supply
· 494 Mini Input Unit
· Downloadable RoomSet App

ActiveTune Computer Research Package

ActiveTune Computer is a computer-based lighting control system. You can create scenes and change the luminaire dimming level and colour temperature. This package is designed to control DALI-luminaires. These luminaires are not part of the package. The research package contains:
• Up to 4 ActiveTune Computer Dongles. These Dongles are used to create Bluetooth connection to the luminaire.
• Up to 4 Control Unit DALI. These units receive Bluetooth commands and send commands to DALI luminaires.
• ActiveAhead configuration app to configure Dongles and Control Units
• ActuTune SW for Windows 7 / Windows 10

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