407 Compact DALI power supply

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Allows for surface mounting of compatible Helvar lighting control sensors
  • Produktfamilie: Imagine, DIGIDIM, RoomSet
  • Surface mounting box
  • Supplied with retaining screws to lock the enlosure.
The modular lighting control module provides easy flexibility for expanding the number of outputs and simplifies the installation of DALI systems
  • Produktfamilie: Imagine, DIGIDIM
  • Connect between 2 and 16 luminaires using a choice of modules
  • Automated emergency test and reporting for DALI inverters.
  • Central or local emergency test for Non DALI inverters.
  • Solution available with a Graphical User Interface, Smart Building optimisation, Well Being and Human Centric Lighting Packages
Einfache und schnelle PC-zu-DALI-Verbindung
  • Produktfamilie: DIGIDIM
  • Einfaches Einfügen in eine DIGIDIM Bedienpanel
  • Stromversorgung über das DALI-Netzwerk
  • Mini-B-USB-Standardanschluss
  • Schwarze und weiße Blenden enthalten