SBB-A Aufputzdosen für Systemsensoren

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Allows for surface mounting of compatible Helvar lighting control sensors
  • Produktfamilie: Imagine, DIGIDIM, RoomSet
  • Surface mounting box
  • Supplied with retaining screws to lock the enlosure.
Infrarot-Fernbedienung zur Steuerung kompatibler Helvar-Geräte
  • Produktfamilie: Imagine, DIGIDIM, RoomSet
  • 7 Tasten – 4 Szenen, Aus, Heller/Dunkler
  • Controls basic system functions
  • Programming tool for simple Helvar lighting systems
  • Adressenumschaltung ermöglicht die Verwendung mehrerer Fernbedienungen und Empfänger in einem Bereich
The modular lighting control module provides easy flexibility for expanding the number of outputs and simplifies the installation of DALI systems
  • Produktfamilie: Imagine, DIGIDIM
  • Connect between 2 and 16 luminaires using a choice of modules
  • Automated emergency test and reporting for DALI inverters.
  • Central or local emergency test for Non DALI inverters.
  • Solution available with a Graphical User Interface, Smart Building optimisation, Well Being and Human Centric Lighting Packages