458M1 Single Mechanical Chassis

458M1 Single Mechanical Chassis

Mechanical chassis for a Helvar 458 series module, providing up to 8 channels for control. Each load channel is protected by an individual Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB).

  • Lighting Control Solution: Imagine
  • Beleuchtungssteuerungssystem: Other
  • Device Mounting Method: Independent


Kompatible Produkte

Kompatible Produkte

458-DIM4, 458-DIM8, 458-UNI8, 458-CTR8, 458-SW8



273 mm × 363 mm × 178 mm

Order code Description
458M1/8S10LTA2 458 Chassis Lta2
458M1/8S06 458 Chassis (8 X 6A)
458M1/8S10 458 Chassis (8 X 10A)
458M1/4S10 458 Chassis (4 X 10A)

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Connects the Helvar Toolbox programming software to a Helvar DALI network.

  • Lighting Control Solution: Imagine
  • Beleuchtungssteuerungssystem: DALI lighting control
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Mounting accessory for the 5634 ActiveAhead Node Sense multisensor. Mount the unit in a rectangular hole on an ActiveAhead luminaire, or, for example, to the side of the luminaire.

  • Lighting Control Solution: ActiveAhead
  • Beleuchtungssteuerungssystem: Wireless lighting control
  • Device Mounting Method: Luminaire
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Accessory for batten mounting the 5635 Multisense R44 and 324 Multisensor R44 to the end of a luminaire. Allows luminaire to keep an IP65 rating.

  • Lighting Control Solution: 
  • Device Mounting Method: Luminaire
  • Colour: Light grey
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