Predictive Lighting

ActiveAhead is a new kind of system. It doesn’t need to be programmed — it learns by itself from the first day. And it shares what it knows with its units directly. Predicting where light’s needed next. Saving energy, effort and cost.

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Excellent for Renovation

ActiveAhead devices use the smart algorithm to learn how the space is used. They use these learnings to give the right lighting at the right time, in the right places. This means people will always have lights where they need them as they move through a space.

ActiveAhead is able to do this because it’s constantly learning. It also works straight out of the box.

Simple installation

Luminaires fitted with ActiveAhead are easy to install. Just put the luminaires in place and switch on. No wiring. No programming. No configuration. Customisation and grouping is possible, but not necessary, using the ActiveAhead mobile app.

Smart energy savings

Compared to a simple switched luminaire, ActiveAhead offers substantial energy savings. As well as predicting when and where to put the lights on, it also dims them down in a smart way based on the actual space usage.

Control Units

ActiveAhead — standard
Always looking, always learning, ActiveAhead units talk to each other through Bluetooth. Predicting where light’s needed next.
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ActiveAhead — DALI
Bring your DALI light fittings into an ActiveAhead network. Give them the power to learn and predict.
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Small and capable — and easily mounted inside the light fitting — ActiveAhead with PIR motion and light sensing doesn’t need a separate power supply.
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Circular sensor holder
Rectangular sensor holder

This luminaire-mounted IP65-rated sensor takes ActiveAhead outdoors.
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Control panel

Stick on and start
With no wires or cables, this optional self-powered panel sticks straight to the wall and is ideal for meeting room use.  It speaks to ActiveAhead Control Units so you can summon four lighting scenes.
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ActiveTune personal lighting

Set the lights at your desk how you like them or for the job you’re doing. You can save your light settings and access them through the ActiveTune app. Download the free app, scan the QR code on your desk and get the right light for you.

Mobile app

Easy to customise
ActiveAhead’s beauty is that it learns by itself. But you can tell it what to do too. Install the app, and with a tap you’re in charge.
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ActiveAhead enabled luminaires

Luminaires with our ActiveAhead solution bring enhanced comfort and convenience together with energy savings, thanks to its patent pending smart self-learning algorithm. Here you find a selection of manufacturers with ActiveAhead luminaires available.


Aura Light Oy
+358 9 855 3640

Exzite is a new type of luminaire, where you can truly customise your own design through a variety of options. The flexible design is ideal in today’s modern offices and makes the luminaire a natural part of your interior design concept. Exzite is available either with a micro-prism diffuser for the direct light or a double parabolic aluminium louvre in efficient MIRO 5. Both versions have a line prismatic diffuser for the indirect light. Exzite is also available with a variety of different colour side panels, end caps and decorative screws, which makes it possible to design your own luminaire. Note that Exzite is delivered with white side panels, white end caps and with decorative screws in brass, as standard. It can be fitted with three types of sensors, Actilume, SmartSwitch or iDim. To personalise your lighting even more you can chose one of the Exzite Tunable White versions, which makes it possible to change the colour temperature from warm white, over neutral white to cool white. Visit and personalize your own Exzite.

Part LED is a family of typical office and school luminaires for both ceiling mounted and recessed applications. Choose between a single or double parabolic MIRO 5 reflector for excellent light control and low glare. Part comes in a wide range of standard lengths and you can choose between a white and a grey housing. Available as on/off, dimmable or equipped with a sensor for both presence detection and constant light. Part LED is designed for the exchangeable light source Aura UltiLED Long Life, and brings Part to the next next level of energy efficiency and upgradeability. Part LED Ceiling comes in three standard lengths and can be prepared for through wiring on demand.


Vector is available in several versions for suspended, surface mounted or recessed and half-recessed installation. Vector is an obvious choice in circumstances when there is a desire to create long, unbroken lines of light. Discreet or striking – it is simple to adapt the nature of the lighting with the architecture in mind.


Elektro-Valo Oy
+358 20 740 2460

LedpanelG5 UGR>19 is a multipurpose luminaire with many different installation possibilities. LedpanelG5 is a perfect choice and very popular luminaire in public spaces, like schools and offices.



Slim and compact luminaire. Is available in surface, recessed or wire suspended installation.


Extremely slim and compact luminaire. Is available in surface, recessed or wire suspended installation.


Ensto Lighting Oy Ensto Sweden AB Ensto companies in Europe

Alpo LED is a universal and working zone luminaire for offices and other public premises. The luminaire is suitable for direct and direct/indirect lighting combination.




Ensto DPMLEnsto DPML

New Ensto DPML or Double Parabolic Modular Luminaire is an optically advanced module luminaire with easy installation features. DPML is suitable for offices, schools and commercial areas, but can be used where ever the advanced glare control and quality light is needed. DPML provides output of 4000 lumens with 34W. New Linect connector is included in the standard version, but DPML can be connected and installed in several different and fast ways. UGR level is under 19 which makes it possible to use also in optically demanding areas.



AVR320 luminaire range is equipped with new type of innovative technical features. Easy to install. Many different motion sensor versions, in some of which the sensor’s control signal is transferable wirelessly between luminaires.


Jouni Vierimaa
+358 (0) 4054 10885
Feilo Sylvania Finland

Optix LED range is perfect for office, education and seminar room environments. With high performance glare-controlled optics with optimised diffusers and reflectors. Optix meets and exceeds UGR <16, with aluminised optics and UGR<19 with white optics.





Helvar ActiveAhead luminaire Feilo Sylvania Pixer LEDPixer LED

Pixer LED is designed to be a high performance high specification architectural product range that focuses on aesthetics and creates a real ambience in an office environment, generating increased productivity and wellness. Featuring high performance optics contained within individual ‘pods’, which can be manipulated into square or rectangular form, Pixer will meet and exceed UGR <19 standards.



Helvar ActiveAhead luminaire Feilo Sylvania Rana LEDRana LED

Rana LED is a range of recessed, surface and suspended luminaires designed to enhance the quality of light in working areas such as offices, school or universities, medical buildings, storage facilities and circulation areas. The range symbolises the following motto: illuminate without seeing the light source. To achieve this, the louvre + MicroPrismatic optic of Rana LED offers UGR<19 glare control and low luminance levels for an unequalled visual comfort: no direct light in your eyes.




Helvar ActiveAhead luminaire Feilo Sylvania Rana Linear LEDRana Linear LED

Rana Linear is a slim, sleek and unobtrusive range of LED luminaires designed to fulfil a wide range of applications including educational environments, medical buildings, storage facilities, offices, data centres, long corridors and other circulation areas. Rana Linear offers the possibility to mix and match recessed and / or surface luminaires in a single lighting scheme. The range features different light distributions with different optics: Micro Prismatic optic (UGR<21), Louvre + Prismatic optic (UGR<19) and Opal diffuser (UGR<23).




Helvar ActiveAhead luminaire Feilo Sylvania Start Flat Panel LEDStart Flat Panel LED UGR19

Start Flat Panel LED is a range of recessed, surface mounted and suspended LED panels for general indoor lighting applications such as breakout areas, offices and meetings rooms. The optical design ensures a consistent uniform output through the luminaire creating a comforting, non-hard light source. Start Flat Panel LED is an effortless solution, whether for traditional fluorescent replacement or redesigns and new builds.




Helvar ActiveAhead luminaire Feilo Sylvania Sylproof Superia LEDSylproof Superia LED

Sylproof Superia LED is integrated LED weatherproof luminaire including Active Ahead technology, with UV stabilized flat diffuser and linear prisms designed to achieve uniform lit appearance, optimise light output and to reduce glare, stainless steel diffuser clips and fixing brackets for surface and wall mounting. Sylproof Superia LED is ideal for use in industrial applications, warehouses, storages areas and car parks.


+358 (0)10 841 0440
Glamox Finland

Glamox C90-R on LED-valaisimien tuoteperhe, jossa valoaukko on koko modulin kokoinen. Suunnittelussa on kiinnitetty huomiota valon laatuun ja siihen, ettei valaisimessa ole näkyvää kehystä T-listakattoon asennettaessa. Soveltuu useimpiin moduulikattoihin.






Glamox C95-P on korkeatasoisten sisävalaisimien tuoteperhe, jolle on ominaista puhdas ja minimalistinen muotoilu sekä reunasta reunaan valaiseva laaja valoaukko. Ohuen ja modernin muotoilunsa ansiosta se sopii erinomaisesti korkealuokkaisiin toimistotiloihin. Tuoteperhe soveltuu hyvin myös kouluihin ja terveydenhuollon tiloihin.

Glamox C95-R on korkealuokkainen ja energiatahokas moduulivalaisin hyvällä valon laadulla. Valaisimen ohut alumiinirunko on suunniteltu siten että se jää piiloon, kun valaisin asennetaan T-listakaton päälle, luoden täten tyylikkään ja elegantin ilmeen. Soveltuu erinomaisesti korkealuokkaisiin toimistotiloihin, kuten myös kouluihin ja terveydenhuollon tiloihin. Asennus T-listan päälle, tai lisävarusteella kipsilevykattoon.





Glamox C80-SR on pinta-asenteinen helposti asennettava jonovalaisinperhe. Soveltuu useille erilaisille alueille kuten käytäville, neuvottelutiloihin ja muille alueille, joissa halutaan huomaamaton LED-valoviiva. Valaisin voidaan toimittaa erilaisilla optiikkavaihtoehdoilla (opaali, mikroprisma ja asymmetrinen).





Glamox i60 on matala ja virtaviivainen, roiskevesisuojattu valaisin sisävalaistukseen ja teollisuuteen. Se on helppo asentaa kattoon, seinälle, valaisinripustuskiskoon tai vaakavaijeriin. Lisävarusteena saatavan tärinänvaimentimen kanssa se soveltuu väestönsuojatiloihin tai alueille, joissa esiintyy tärinää. i60 soveltuu myös toimistoympäristöihin, tutkimuslaitoksiin, kouluihin, parkkitaloihin ja teollisuusrakennuksiin.





Glamox D35-R valaisin soveltuu matalan muotoilunsa ansiosta hyvin alueille, joissa alakatossa on vain vähän tilaa. Yhdistelemällä eri kokoja luot houkuttelevan ilmeen tilaan. Saatavissa mikroprisma- ja opaali-optiikoilla.





Glamox D70-R on monikäyttöinen alasvaloperhe, josta löytyy useita erilaisia kokoja, heijastinvaihtoehtoja ja lisävarusteita. Saatavilla myös asymmetrinen heijastinversio seinäpintojen valaisuun.






Tiivis yleisvalaisin vaikeisiin olosuhteisiin. Helppo asennus suoraan kattopintaan, seinälle, ripustuskiskoon tai vaakasuoraan vaijeriin. Soveltuu sisäkäyttöön, kuten parkkihalleihin, tai ulkotiloihin suojaavan lipan alle.


Greenlux Finland Oy
+358 (0)10 320 0780

Excellent universal luminaire for parking halls, storage spaces and industrial spaces.





GLP Greenlux PanelGLP Greenlux Panel

Panel luminaire for office, school and commercial spaces as well as for staircases and corridors.



Riegens A/S Riegens UK Ltd. Riegens country teams
German, Sweden, Finland, Norway

ActiveAhead luminaire for EDUCATION, OFFICES and HEALTHCARE






ActiveAhead luminaire for EDUCATION, OFFICES and HEALTHCARE


ActiveAhead luminaire for EDUCATION, OFFICES and HEALTHCARE