While we continuously strive for new innovations and speed in development, we genuinely believe that everyone should have the opportunity to make decisions.
It doesn’t mean that we have a ‘Wild West’ type of model where everyone is fighting for survival and trying to jump over others just to seek personal gain. It is more about finding the key minimal amount of discipline that allows for maximum flexibility in decision-making while still providing a good enough framework for fostering healthy collaboration, teamwork, and speed in innovating and adapting to changes.
While our journey at Helvar towards more self-managing teams is just beginning, it is great to see that many people see this more as an opportunity to grow and develop as a team and as individuals rather than a path towards destruction and chaos.


For us, it is about trust.

We trust our teams and our people by giving them an environment that allows them to be themselves and allows their abilities to flourish. We empower our teams to make decisions that contribute to their day-to-day work and their self-development. To support our learning culture and all of our employees’ self-development, we provide a vast array of learning content available to everyone. This learning content is both technical and general.
Self-development and learning are encouraged in our workplace. We have dedicated learning time for you to invest in yourself to continue to grow and expand your knowledge, to become a self-managing individual. This then allows our journey of self-managing teams to become a true reality.


Hackathons and the Helvar way

Here at Helvar, we are organising bi-weekly hackathons created by our amazing talents. These are a great way to put your learnings into practice, meet your colleagues and collaborate. Our hackathons make new ideas and innovations come alive. In these internal gatherings, you have the opportunity to design a new product feature, find solutions to unanswered questions, and just to have fun with your colleagues.
By keeping bi-weekly hackathons, we want to embrace a creative and innovative environment among Helvarians. By allowing our talents to test ideas or features, we want to get them excited about their own ideas, be more incentivised to contribute and to be connected with the company’s mission and brand. At Helvar, we have a passion for growth, and we want to show it!
Hackathons are all about getting a team of like-minded but diverse people together to find a novel solution to an exciting challenge and have fun at the same time. These are a ‘miniature’ version of what we are looking for when driving towards more self-managing teams at Helvar, and we’re also super excited that we are participating at Junction again this year.

“The passion that everyone has, the engineering team, the software team, there are a lot of really clever people here. I love being in an environment where we have that type of thing. And everyone has that same drive — to get things done, but also a drive to have fun with it at the same time.”- Helvar Employee

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WRITTEN BY: Annbrit Salonen, Mika Tanttu and Ben Fryer