Helvar’s innovative Helvar Hybrid Solution, merges wireless Helvar ActiveAhead® and wired Helvar Imagine solutions to provide unparalleled design flexibility. This integration allows for the selection of the most suitable lighting solution for each space, ensuring optimal conditions for occupants and the potential to fundamentally transform the design and expandability of spaces. The combination of wireless and wired technologies enables smart buildings to adapt and evolve with new technological advancements over their lifetime.

This seamless integration is facilitated by the Node Link that enables the selection of visible ActiveAhead groups on the Imagine system. The Node Link optimises communication between the two systems and reduces the number of required DALI addresses, simplifying the design, installation, and setup processes without the need for additional devices.

Node Link offers new use cases – see examples:

Hybrid Experience: Control ActiveAhead and Imagine groups seamlessly with events and occupancy.

ActiveTune Personal Lighting Control: Offer an easy-to-use mobile app for space users to tune the light above their desk. Now available also for Imagine 950 solution.

Light over Time: Support circadian rhythms by varying the light intensity and colour temperature to mimic the rhythm of the sun. Now available also for ActiveAhead solution.

Enhancing User Experience and Sustainability

Enhanced User Experience: Allows personalised settings through features like ActiveTune, improving satisfaction and productivity.

Long-term Cost Savings: Reduces rewiring needs and optimises energy usage, contributing to significant cost savings and supporting net-zero carbon targets.

Sustainability: Focuses on energy efficiency, supporting a smaller environmental footprint and aiding in achieving sustainability certifications like LEED, BREEAM, or WELL.

Leveraging Indoor Lighting Standards for Optimal Performance.

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The Helvar Hybrid Solution simplifies the management of complex lighting systems and also leverages data to optimise building operations, paving the way for future advancements in smart building technologies.

Helvar continues to innovate, ensuring that its solutions remain compatible with emerging protocols and technologies, thus future-proofing investments and enhancing the value of building infrastructures. With the Helvar Hybrid Solution, buildings are transformed into dynamic environments that adapt to user needs and promote sustainable practices.