Ommelander Hospital

Schmeeda, The Netherlands

The Ommelander Hospital has a new location in Scheemda. The brand new hospital is built in a sustainable and energy-efficient manner. The entire hospital is equipped with the Helvar light management system.

Many measures have been taken to make the hospital as energy-efficient as possible. Transparent solar panels have been placed in the facade and sedum has been applied to the roofs. With hundreds of light and motion sensors and time controls, the light management system also makes a major contribution to the energy efficiency of the building.

All lighting in the hospital, both DALI and switchable, is controlled by the Helvar lighting control system. A link between the Helvar system and BACnet ensures that the lighting in the corridors and general areas can be controlled via the BMS.

Each bed in the patient rooms has its own input unit. This ensures that various lighting circuits and controls can be used. For example, the patient has the option of switching the general, reading and mood lighting via a control panel and the handset of the calling system. There is also a special circuit for the doctor that provides a lot of light when needed.

The many windows in the hospital provide a lot of daylight into the building. That is why daylight and motion sensors have been used in the wards, offices, corridors and waiting areas. These ensure that the lighting does not illuminate too brightly and unnecessarily waste energy. In the loft, the restaurant and the restroom, RGB lighting is also controlled via DMX, integrated easily with the Helvar system.

Schmeeda, The Netherlands