Vasakronan Head Office

Stockholm, Sweden

Vasakronan’s new Head Office — catering to future needs and a focus on the wellbeing of users

Vasakronan_2_Cecilia MagnussonVasakronan is Sweden’s largest property company, providing tenants with premises for office or retail space. Situated near Sergels torg in the centre of Stockholm, Vasakronan’s new Head Office is located in a building block that has gone through an extensive renovation during the past years. The space was previously used as an office for one of Stockholm’s largest banks. Today, the space has been redesigned and renovated to accommodate a flexible, stylish urban workplace focusing on employee wellbeing.
The project was completed in February 2021, and the entire office is installed with Helvar’s DALI router system and connected to all meeting rooms so that the different systems (lighting controls, room booking system, AV and HVAC) interact together to provide a tailored end solution.
“The office is equipped with TW luminaires, and thanks to the Helvar system, they have programmed different lighting schedules that follow the rhythm of natural light; thus, the lighting works in harmony with our body’s natural circadian rhythms” – Ulf Näslund, Head of R&D and Technology, Vasakronan.
Vasakronan_3_Cecilia Magnusson
The main focus of the office was to create an attractive, well thought and varied environment for the staff and, at the same time, become a showroom for Vasakronan’s current and future tenants. DALI provides Vasakronan with a structured and flexible system that supports their current and future needs. On top of the lighting controls, Vasakronan opted for Helvar’s cloud-based suite of digital services, Helvar Insights, providing them with total control of their system, 24/7 site monitoring, and animated occupancy heatmaps. “We are delighted to assist Vasakronan with lighting solutions that embrace the latest technology and cater to their existing and future needs. Their aim was an office that focuses on the wellbeing of the users, and this is core to the lighting solutions that Helvar provide” – Jan Bietkowski, Head of Sales, Helvar AB.        


Interior Architects: Kanozi Architects
Project management: Ciceron Project
Interior Photographer: Cecilia Magnusson
Exterior Photographer: Gustav Kaiser
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Stockholm, Sweden