Hoog Catharijne – Exceptional Shopping Experiences

The Netherlands

Exceptional shopping experiences with Tunable White lighting

Hoog Catharijne was opened in 1973 by Princess Beatrix. After the opening, Hoog Catharijne was the largest indoor shopping center in Europe. The shopping center has been completely renovated since 2010. With about 90 shops and tens of millions of visitors a year, Hoog Catharijne is the most famous indoor shopping center in the Netherlands.
Klepierre, the owner of Hoog Catharijne, wanted to give visitors to Hoog Catharijne the ultimate shopping experience. This can be seen in everything; rooms with high ceilings, high-end materials, lots of glass, but also excellent lighting design from Bartenbach. In 2015 Klepierre opted for the Helvar light management system to control the lighting throughout Hoog Catharijne. In close collaboration with BAM, ULC, Bartenbach and Klepierre, Helvar supplied the light management system throughout the entire location.
Hoog Catharijne
Lighting is so much more than just functional. Lighting influences the atmosphere, it accentuates and can even be used to support the biological rhythm of humans. To make the latter possible, Tunable White lighting is used, among other things. With Tunable White lighting, the colour temperature of the light can be adjusted so that natural light can be simulated. This is also done at Hoog Catharijne. All lighting fixtures are finished in Tunable White and ensure that the light inside has the same colour temperature as the outside light. This ensures, among other things, the most natural transition possible for the visitors when they walk from the outside to the inside, and vice versa.
In order to match the colour temperature of the light inside as closely as possible to the outside light, the lighting colour temperature and intensity are based on the time of day. This is controlled by means of a light sensor that measures the light intensity outside. The team combined these two aspects by means of time-controlled scenes so that the lighting can be adjusted as well as possible to the outside light. All LED drivers in the lighting fixtures at Hoog Catharijne are from Helvar and designed as DALI Type 8.
Light manufacturer Projectleuchten GmbH from Germany supplied the luminaires. RGB colour control RGB lighting has also been used at various places on Hoog Catharijne. This makes it possible to change the complete atmosphere in a room. One of the applications is, for example, that the lighting turns orange every year on King鈥檚 Day via automatic time control.
For the opening, the Helvar team programmed a show in the Period Room for both the DALI Tunable White lighting and the RGB lighting via DMX. This show lasts about 3 minutes and can be started via a web-based application at a special occasion or event.
Kleppiere has the option to switch the various pre-programmed scenes per room via a tablet. Ideal for one-off extended opening hours, for example. The logo at the entrance of Hoog Catharijne is also managed by Helvar. Even the sockets can be switched via the lighting system so that the lighting in Christmas trees can also be switched on and off via time controls.
The Netherlands