Helvar and Steinel, widely known for innovation, quality and leading lighting control technologies and solutions, announced today their international partnership. The partnership will combine Steinel’s expertise in sensing technology with Helvar’s expertise in Intelligent Lighting Solutions.

Blending the precise, high-quality sensing of Steinel with the intelligent solution capabilities of Helvar will serve benefits such as increasing sustainability by delivering highly efficient buildings, both in terms of optimising energy as well as space. In addition, creating more intelligent buildings for the benefits of enhancing wellbeing, comfort and productivity to its building occupants.

The Lighting Industry is becoming more interoperable, and driving this trend are recent advancements in open standards such as DALI-2 and Bluetooth. As a result, customers are demanding systems which consist of high-quality products, from multiple manufacturers, to form the most efficient solution. Helvar and Steinel have recognised this and their partnership will be the first of its kind to be formed between two leading manufacturers around the multi-vendor interoperability offered by the DALI-2 open standard.

With the partnership, Helvar will start to offer selected DALI-2 Steinel sensors as part of Helvar’s portfolio at the end of the year (2020). Those selected sensors will complement Helvar’s existing sensor range as part of the Helvar’s Imagine Solution. Both companies share compatible technologies as well as the same company vision, hence will be looking for further opportunities to maximise their partnership in the future.

DALI-2 is the natural commercial starting point for the partnership as it is the open standard for Lighting and Lighting Controls for which both companies provide products and solutions. The future of this partnership could see solutions for Intelligent Buildings combining next-generation people detection and multi-parameter sensors by Steinel with the cloud analytics and intelligent insights by Helvar’s Digital Services.

“We are excited and proud to enter into a partnership with Steinel!” states Adel Hattab, CEO of Helvar. “We both share the same vision about the sustainability of the future intelligent building and the wellbeing it offers its users. Together we can provide our customers with the benefits of DALI-2 interoperability in combination with our leading lighting control system.” Martin Frechen, Managing Director of Steinel, complemented this by stating: “Building Intelligence is the new buzz these days. Energy-saving, healthy environments and wellbeing are the benefits of buildings in the future. We are proud to be in that partnership with Helvar to jointly make these promises come alive. Full system interoperability beyond the norms, two great companies sharing the same vision and working with the same dedication to perfection. We are very excited!”

Helvar is an international lighting technologies company specialising in intelligent and energy-saving lighting solutions. Intelligent lighting is essential to the wellbeing of employees, customers, visitors and patients, and it helps to achieve sustainability targets. Helvar lighting control solutions and luminaire components help to create smart environments built for the future, using information and working seamlessly with other systems. With projects spanning from hospitals, schools, workplaces to cruise ships and Istanbul’s 3rd new airport (the largest in the world), Helvar designs open and flexible solutions for lighting across a range of applications.

With 99 years of expertise, Helvar serves its customers locally with offices in Finland, UK and Sweden and via their global network of partners in over 50 countries.

To learn more, please visit www.helvar.com

Steinel has been defining its success through the quality of its innovations for over 50 years. Imagination, technical expertise and many years of experience are all factors that go to make products “typically Steinel”. Precision, long life and lasting performance – these quality criteria are the characteristics of products from Steinel that have made them so successful.

Steinel started to develop sensor-controlled outdoor lights in 1987 and invented the world’s first sensor-switched light. In 2002 Steinel was the first manufacturer to use high-frequency sensor technology for detecting movements in spaces and building and integrated the HF system invisibly into lights. Today Steinel is just as much the world’s brand leader in this segment as it is in using LED lighting in conjunction with sensor technology.

As innovation and technology leader, Steinel is always a step ahead.

Find out more about Steinel at www.Steinel.de