Henri Jusl茅n, Helvar鈥檚 Chief Future Illuminator, focuses together with his team on lighting, research, university co-operation, IPR, standards and AI-solutions.聽With over 40 years聽of life experience and over 20 years of lighting experience, Henri is a true veteran of the lighting industry. Henri holds a number of qualifications including a D.Sc in tech and the WELL AP credential.

We are proud to present challenges again at this year’s Junction. But why do we want to be there? Well, we see that there are multiple reasons.
Firstly, the hackathon concept is generally inspiring and influential. Traditional solution creation starts from endless discussions related to customer needs. However, it is often the case that customers themselves are unaware of what they want. A well-known example is a quote from Henry Ford, who said: “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”
Junction presents limited time to study, innovate, and create, one of the concept’s main benefits. Most participants do not have a detailed experience of available solutions or customer needs in specific industries, such as lighting or intelligent buildings. This “not knowing” can generate genuinely inspiring results.
It is a pleasure to follow individuals and teams of smart and innovative minds working over the weekend to create new takes on concepts and solutions.

Why we’re attending Junction 2021?

For us at Helvar, the specific reason we wanted to participate at Junction was the smart use of data.
Lighting is everywhere, and using lighting data instead of just adding new sensors everywhere and generating sensor acne is an innovative, sustainable, and cost-efficient solution.
We are offering this data now for hackers to improve solutions and create something better. The user experience of solutions is vital. Using the same data and even having the same idea might lead to different results depending on how teams focus on user experience. This insight into new ways of thinking is incredibly valuable. Next to good data is the talented use of tools and the creation of smart algorithms; here, the real differentiator might come through user-experience thinking.
Finally, recruitment and employer branding might be an apparent reason for a company to participate in Junction, and this is undoubtedly one of the reasons we decided to participate. Helvar is an international company, and our solutions are in use in over 70 countries. In our centenary year, we continue to expand, and the recruitment of new talent is key to our growth.
As participants work on our challenges, we hope that they will be inspired by the lighting industry and its impacts on sustainability and wellbeing. Saving energy and increasing wellbeing are among our core values. We do not want to buy hackers souls; however, working in a business that really matters might be good for your soul.
So, are you ready to be inspired?

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