Wireless lighting, artificial intelligence and smart buildings are words on everybody鈥檚 lips, but what should building owners, real estate developers, consultants and system integrators consider when making future-proof decisions. Why are forerunners choosing the ActiveAheadsolution, and what can you expect to see in the brand new second generation?

鈥淎ctiveAhead is a truly intelligent and scalable wireless lighting solution. Its unique self-learning capabilities give ultimate efficiency, both in setup and operations鈥, Helvar鈥檚 Director of Wireless Lighting, Matti Vesterinen summarises the benefits, and continues: 鈥淎ctiveAhead will continuously learn and generate insights, maximising positive impact on wellbeing and optimising the ever-evolving smart buildings. It is the perfect solution for offices, warehouses, stairways, parking garages and in renovation or refurbishment projects, where wiring would be time-consuming or costly to install.鈥

Self-learning with always optimal lighting

Wirelessly networked ActiveAhead nodes use a smart AI algorithm to learn how a space is used. The luminaires collect data from their own sensors as well as from the other luminaires that surround them. The nodes communicate with each other and learn the patterns of how the space is used. They also respond to the amount of natural light in the space. In addition to increasing the lights in a predictive manner, the nodes dim the lights in a smart way depending on the space usage, thus helping to save energy. Due to its intelligence, the lighting level remains optimal for the user at all time, giving the right lighting at the right time and place. Vesterinen adds: 鈥淎n ActiveAhead node starts learning from the moment it鈥檚 powered up and it never stops.鈥

Adaptive solution brings savings and insights throughout the Building Lifetime

Through its second generation, the ActiveAhead lighting solution can also be connected to the cloud service. With this, the building owners can lower building operation costs and increase peace of mind via advanced data analytics. ActiveAhead is designed for a data-driven future. It enables services that will improve performance and ensure spaces remain comfortable with round the clock monitoring and maintenance. Ramboll鈥檚 Development Director Kari Melander states: 鈥淥ne of the modern smart building features of the Helvar system is that it enables us to collect occupancy data for all spaces. This helps us understand how our building is used and it鈥檚 in line with our smart building ambition.鈥

Personal Lighting enhances users鈥 comfort and wellbeing

Everyone鈥檚 circadian rhythm and perception of light is different. With ActiveAhead users can also tune the light settings on their own desk according to their personal needs and preferences. The users can also benefit from the Helvar鈥檚 Tunable White lighting technology which means that they are able to control the white light colour temperature 鈥 in other words choose cooler or warmer lighting conditions. These can result in a boost in satisfaction and productivity, since we all feel better in environments that are tuned to our own needs.

Simple and fast installation, short downtime

Luminaires fitted with ActiveAhead are extremely easy to install. The luminaires are just fixed to their intended position and switched on at the mains. No control wiring is needed. Optional customisation and groupings arepossible using the ActiveAhead mobile app. YIT鈥檚 Building and Electrical Services Specialist Reima Vainio commends: 鈥淚n the YIT鈥檚 renovation, the interruption caused by the lighting installation was mostly an extra coffee break to the staff.鈥

ActiveAhead Generation 2 builds on the proven strengths and benefits

The second generation of the ActiveAhead solution further enhances the easy setup and operation of the truly intelligent wireless lighting solution. The collected customer feedback has been analysed and turned into reality through new and modified features and processes, as well as hardware and mechanics. The unique patented self-learning algorithm is supported by a growing selection of products, features and services. For Helvar, customer needs have always been paramount, and this has fuelled our innovation to launch a solution like ActiveAhead to unleash the full potential of future-proof intelligent lighting.

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