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Light plays an integral role in the workspace, across a range of spaces including meeting rooms, social spaces and car parks. The right workplace lighting aids alertness and boosts concentration in cooler white light, whilst offering  the ideal space to wind down, relax and socialise with warmer tones. Recent studies show that office lighting is one of the key factors to consider when maintaining a healthy workforce. Since the majority of office workers spend almost a quarter of the year at work, it’s clear that workplace lighting can have a significant impact on our overall wellbeing and lifestyle…

The perfect office lighting system supports:


Enhanced visual comfort and reduced office-related ailments


Reduction of energy usage by up to 75%


An increase in productivity of up to +12%


Overall greater wellbeing and positive impact on mood and sleep

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LED Lighting Controls in Office Spaces

At Helvar, we’ve amassed 100 years of expertise across thousands of projects. We’re industry experts when it comes to creating scalable, custom office lighting systems which promise to integrate seamlessly with other building systems, resulting in a future-proof, adaptable solution. Check out the key office applications below:


It’s all about first impressions, right? The ultimate office entrance should be immediately attractive and welcoming, giving the right feeling to employees, customers and prospective new talent.


It’s important to maximise engagement and maintain alertness over long periods of times in conference rooms, so having lighting which boosts productivity and makes users feel energised is the key to success.


Social hubs are the heart of the modern office. Whether it’s for a coffee-catch-up, an impromptu meeting or a team game of foosball, this dynamic space needs to cater for the users wellbeing, be visually appealing and encourage social interaction.


Meeting rooms in modern offices should be adaptable. One minute they need to be a comfortable concentration hide-away for individual focus, the next they need to transform into a collaborative engagement workshop space.


Car parks are typically used much less frequently than indoor office working spaces, however they can be responsible for a large proportion of energy spend. With the right office lighting controls however, that’s not the case.


Spaces such as restrooms and kitchen areas are often in constant use, so it’s important to ensure spaces are well-lit for convenience, but also energy efficient to reduce costs.

corridor office lighting control


In every building, corridors are communication areas and enable orientation of a space, so must be clearly lit and support safety and security – but they need not use excess energy…

Office lighting controls in stairway


Gone are the days of dark stairwells. With intelligent lighting controls, self-learning wireless lighting control offers the perfect energy-saving solution for these spaces.

Office lighting controls in canteen


Similar to more open social spaces, these areas are often a hub of activity at peak times of the day, so applying data insights to energy usage here could result in significant savings.

Helvar LED Lighting Control Solutions for Offices


Intelligent lighting for repeatable spaces.

Perfect for meeting rooms and other repeatable spaces, RoomSet is an incredibly easy way to commission customisable lighting in no time at all. This award nominated solution enables you to simply pair a sensor with the RoomSet App using a tablet – then edit your preferences, and you’re ready to go. Lighting controls couldn’t be easier.


Truly intelligent wireless lighting.

This smart solution is a self-learning AI-based lighting control system. It learns over time, adapting automatically to changes in space usage, can be installed over a lunch break, and being a wireless solution, it’s perfect for renovations. ActiveAhead works out of the box, or you can adjust a plethora of settings using the ActiveAhead app.


Imagine Endless Possibilities

With the Imagine Router Solution, you can design custom, connected lighting control for your office, whether it’s a meeting space, an entire floor or the whole building. Imagine integrates with BMS systems, offering incredible value through a range of scalability, flexibility, efficiency and wellbeing benefits.

See how our hybrid lighting solution helps Ramboll achieve their smart building ambitions!

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