458M3 Triple Mechanical Chassis

458M3 Triple Mechanical Chassis

Mechanical chassis into which three Helvar 458 series modules can be fitted. Provides up to 24 channels for control. Each load channel is protected by an individual Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB).

  • Lighting Control Solution: Imagine
  • Device Mounting Method: Independent


Productos compatibles

Productos compatibles

458-DIM4, 458-DIM8, 458-UNI8, 458-CTR8, 458-SW8



273 mm 脳 1139 mm 脳 178 mm

Order code Description
458M3/8S108S108S10 458 Triple Chassis (8X10A)(8X10A)(8X10A)
458M3/8S068S068S10 458 Triple Chassis (8X6A)(8X6A)(8X10A)
458M3/8S068S068S06 458 Triple Chassis (8X6A)(8X6A)(8X6A)
458M3/4S108S068S06 458 Triple Chassis (4X10A)(8X6A)(8X6A)
458M3/4S104S108S06 458 Triple Chassis (4X10A)(4X10A)(8X6A)
458M3/4S104S104S10 458 Triple Chassis (4X10A)(4X10A)(4X10A)

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