Illustris Power

Feature-rich user interface and power supply

ILLUSTRIS POWER is an elegant, touch-sensitive control solution for energy efficient, human centric lighting. Stylish and intuitive to operate, ILLUSTRIS POWER is quick, easy and cost-effective to install in single room applications.

The ILLUSTRIS control panel is designed for DALI type 6 (dimming) and DALI type 8 (CT, x-y聽colour presentation) lighting systems, bringing the comfort and productivity benefits of human centric lighting.
The ILLUSTRIS POWER package includes an聽ultra-compact DALI power supply. Capable of working 鈥榦ut of the box鈥, ILLUSTRIS POWER is fast and simple to install and set up for standalone lighting control solutions.
Using Helvar’s SceneSet mobile app, the聽lighting can also be managed wirelessly聽through a Bluetooth庐 connection.

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Compact, DALI-compatible Power Supply Unit
  • Provides a DALI system with the required supply of up to 64 mA
  • Fits inside DIN, UK and similar backboxes
  • Ideal companion for ILLUSTRIS panel in single room lighting control applications
Simple scene recall & modify, Direct connection to the Helvar router via Ethernet/Wi-Fi, or to ILLUSTRIS via Bluetooth, Free to download & use