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What impact does office space have on our people?

  • 3 toukokuun, 2022

WRITTEN BY STEWART TURNER Stewart Turner works within the Helvar HR team where we focus on bringing our mission and values…

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Renovation – Building Operators’ time to shine

  • 6 huhtikuun, 2022

WRITTEN BY ILKKA MÄKELÄ Ilkka Mäkelä is Helvar’s Global Service Sales Director, focusing mainly on Helvar Insights, our digital service portfolio…

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Why luminaire manufacturers are critical for lighting renovation projects

  • 7 maaliskuun, 2022

WRITTEN BY PAULA RISTOJA Paula Ristoja is the Head of Luminaire Manufacturer Channel at Helvar Lighting Controls, developing common business with…

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Set the strategy right for a successful renovation with lighting controls

  • 8 helmikuun, 2022

WRITTEN BY JAN BIETKOWSKI Jan Bietkowski heads the Helvar lighting control business in Sweden and is a keen advocate of providing solutions…

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Are CFOs still walking in the dark? 

  • 18 tammikuun, 2022

WRITTEN BY PASI NIITTYMÄKI Pasi Niittymäki is a business-driven and data-loving CFO with 25+ years of experience in technology and media-related…

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“Money’s too tight to mention”

  • 13 joulukuun, 2021

WRITTEN BY LARS HELLSTRÖM Lars is responsible for strategy and business development at Helvar, encouraging customers and the building ecosystem to…

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Why should Chief People Officers care about Adaptable Spaces?

  • 1 joulukuun, 2021

WRITTEN BY KAISA TIKKA-MUSTONEN Kaisa Tikka-Mustonen is Helvar’s Chief People Officer responsible for Global People practices. Kaisa is a passionate People…

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Junction 2021: Intelligent Lighting as the engine for Brighter Spaces

  • 22 marraskuun, 2021

Overview As a long-time partner with Junction, Helvar once again enjoyed being part of the 2021 edition. However, despite the long-time…

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The Helvar Way: Trust, passion and fun

  • 15 marraskuun, 2021

While we continuously strive for new innovations and speed in development, we genuinely believe that everyone should have the opportunity to…

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Helvar at Junction 2021: a Weekend of Innovation

  • 11 marraskuun, 2021

WRITTEN BY HENRI JUSLÉN Henri Juslén, Helvar’s Chief Future Illuminator, focuses together with his team on lighting, research, university co-operation, IPR,…

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