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Junction 2021: Intelligent Lighting as the engine for Brighter Spaces

  • 22 marraskuun, 2021

Overview As a long-time partner with Junction, Helvar once again enjoyed being part of the 2021 edition. However, despite the long-time…

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The Helvar Way: Trust, passion and fun

  • 15 marraskuun, 2021

While we continuously strive for new innovations and speed in development, we genuinely believe that everyone should have the opportunity to…

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Helvar at Junction 2021: a Weekend of Innovation

  • 11 marraskuun, 2021

WRITTEN BY HENRI JUSLÉN Henri Juslén, Helvar’s Chief Future Illuminator, focuses together with his team on lighting, research, university co-operation, IPR,…

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Junction 2021: Helvar Challenge

  • 29 lokakuun, 2021

Overview Helvar’s smart lighting infrastructure can best be described as an IoT framework where apart from enabling the core lighting functionality,…

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The New Indoor Lighting Standard EN-12464-1

  • 28 syyskuun, 2021

Interested in the latest version of the New Indoor Lighting Standard EN-12464-1? The EN-12464-1 Lighting Standard specifies lighting requirements for people…

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The power of lighting control system data insights in smart buildings

  • 7 syyskuun, 2021

WRITTEN BY ANDY NOLAN Andy Nolan works as a Product Manager for Helvar’s Digital Services solution. He has 30 years…

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Helvar 100: a story of innovation

  • 17 elokuun, 2021

Helvar 100: a story of innovation At Helvar, we aim to create the experiences that users demand. Over our 100-year history,...

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Smart, smaller and colourful – New wireless Freedom LED drivers

  • 20 toukokuun, 2021

Helvar Freedom wireless luminaire component product range is now becoming smart, smaller and colourful, as we introduce two completely new…

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Life at Helvar: Innovation

  • 16 maaliskuun, 2021

In the final instalment of our three-part blog series, we look at what our team thinks of being part of the...

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LEDiL Daisy compatible neutral white LED module

  • 10 maaliskuun, 2021

Helvar’s linear LDL Series is growing with a neutral white temperature LED module along with the existing Tunable White version. This…

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