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Smart, smaller and colourful – New wireless Freedom LED drivers

  • toukokuu 20, 2021

Helvar Freedom wireless luminaire component product range is now becoming smart, smaller and colourful, as we introduce two completely new…

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Life at Helvar: Innovation

  • maaliskuu 16, 2021

In the final instalment of our three-part blog series, we look at what our team thinks of being part of the...

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LEDiL Daisy compatible neutral white LED module

  • maaliskuu 10, 2021

Helvar’s linear LDL Series is growing with a neutral white temperature LED module along with the existing Tunable White version. This…

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Life at Helvar: Career Journey

  • helmikuu 24, 2021

So, you've heard from some of our people about what it's like to work at Helvar and the Helvar community. Now...

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HEC, SEC & BI Series – Linear LED drivers for efficient, high-volume lighting

  • helmikuu 16, 2021

Helvar introduces non-dimmable LED drivers designed for high-volume industrial and indoor lighting projects, that meet both energy and cost efficiency requirements….

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Life at Helvar: Community

  • tammikuu 27, 2021

Helvar has reached an exciting milestone — 100 years! An impressive achievement that couldn’t be accomplished without our greatest asset, our...

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New 60W compact LED drivers

  • joulukuu 9, 2020

Our compact LED driver range has two new exciting 60W additions for professional indoor LED light fittings. In these SELV60 rated…

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Sales Release: Introducing Freedom Sense luminaire-mounted sensor

  • marraskuu 25, 2020

Helvar’s Freedom Wireless luminaire component product range is happy to welcome a new, awaited member: The Freedom Sense occupancy and…

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Hefei to Helsinki– are railroads the answer for supply during COVID-19?

  • heinäkuu 28, 2020

WRITTEN BY ARTTU JARILA Arttu Jarila, holds a BBA in Marketing and has a long career at Helvar with roles ranging...

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Sales Release: Compact 45W Tunable White driver

  • toukokuu 19, 2020

We at Helvar are passionate to spread the message of wellbeing through human-centric lighting solutions. Therefore we are very excited to…

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