W E  P R O U D L Y  I N T R O D U C E   O U R  L A T E S T  I N N O V A T I O N

I T ‘ S  T I M E  T O

The lighting control solution
for buildings of the future.

With revolutionary features, the Imagine 950 Router is the go-to choice for all of your lighting control needs. Meticulously crafted to surpass lighting standards, support wellbeing through circadian lighting and create unforgettable lighting scenes with minimal effort. 

So… you’re working on a big project?

You’re looking for a feature-rich lighting control solution. You want a partner who you can trust to deliver top-quality products, on time, every time. An established supplier, with a masses of experience and expertise who guarantees exceptional support at every step of your journey…

At Helvar, this year we are celebrating a great milestone – our 100th anniversary!

Over the past century, we have become experts at innovation. As founding members of the international DALI Alliance, we have decades of lighting knowledge at our fingertips. Our industry expertise is strengthened by our global network of over 50 Partners – and together, we’ve realised thousands of exceptional projects around the world.

Designed with you in mind.

future-proof with DALI-2
certified quality and multi-vendor compatibility guarantee easy expansion and agile adaptability

unlimited scalability
from a single room to a whole floor to an entire skyscraper – scalability knows no bounds

4 x DALI-2 networks
simplify installation, maximise delivery & minimise the number of controllers

human-centricity is best
optimise wellbeing in every space with our intuitive lighting profiles

complete visibility
for stress-free configuration and real-time notifications & alerts

super-added value
flexibility, data insights, cloud-level integration – the list goes on

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Explore our Imagine Projects:

  • Smart buildings are here today, but we believe they need to be better than smart. When a building can learn from its senses, think about how it can improve itself over its lifetime, then it will be truly intelligent.

  • Harmony of the Seas is like a floating city, so we needed a lighting control solution that is simple to install and gives us all the capabilities we need on a project of this size and complexity. 

  • “The lighting project at the Paderborn head office is a complete success. Energy savings of up to 75% and optimum illumination is a result that has exceeded our expectations.”

    ANDREAS HARTMANN – Hartmann International
  • Thanks to dynamic lighting, the colour and brightness can be adjusted to suit the time of day. The night and day variations support the care work carried out by the staff and the recovery of the patients.

    TEEMU PIRTTINEN – Seinäjoki Central Hospital
  • Using Helvar lighting control was a simple decision for us.

    Wärtsilä FUNA

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