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Helvar joins forces with UK and Sweden Green Building Councils to drive sustainable building solutions

  • 10 heinäkuun, 2023

Helvar, a global leader in intelligent lighting solutions, is proud to announce its membership with the UK Green Building Council (UKGBC)…

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Carbon Handprint: Hands up for a positive climate impact!

  • 12 toukokuun, 2023

In recent years, Helvar’s sustainability strategy has adopted a stronger focus on our Carbon Handprint, a relatively new concept that takes…

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A Bright Idea? Proving the easiness of wireless lighting controls

  • 24 maaliskuun, 2023

What happens when you get four students with no lighting background to configure your system? At Helvar, our raison d’être is…

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Lighting Design Best Practices

  • 10 helmikuun, 2023

Imagine you have been tasked with the lighting design for an office that must follow advanced lighting norms and global standards,...

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Helvar showcases full end-to-end energy data solution at the Light + Building Fair

  • 2 lokakuun, 2022

Energy conscious decisions based on data: Helvar’s complete solution from luminaire components to lighting controls to intelligent data insights is showcased…

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Automated vs Manual Emergency Lighting Testing: Who Wins?

  • 26 syyskuun, 2022

WRITTEN BY ANDY NOLAN Andy Nolan works as a Product Manager for Helvar’s Digital Services solution, Helvar Insights. He has 30…

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Helvar Insights -palvelut laajentuvat energianseurannalla ja langattomalla Helvar ActiveAhead -ratkaisulla

  • 20 syyskuun, 2022

Helvar vahvistaa digitaalista Helvar Insights -ratkaisuaan. Nyt julkistettava Helvar Insights -laajennus mahdollistaa myös langattoman Helvar ActiveAhead-valaistuksenohjausratkaisun liittämisen pilviratkaisuun. Laajennuksen ansiosta asiakas…

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Helvar introduces new sensing capabilities improving user comfort and energy efficiency in buildings

  • 6 heinäkuun, 2022

Helvar launches two new system components complementing sensing capabilities for buildings where energy use is to be minimised while user comfort…

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Sensing offers opportunities beyond movement and light

  • 6 heinäkuun, 2022

WRITTEN BY MATTI VESTERINEN Matti Vesterinen is the director of Helvar’s wireless lighting controls. He is responsible for the portfolio for…

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Preparing for new ESG directives with lighting controls

  • 7 kesäkuun, 2022

WRITTEN BY DENIS SCHWARZ Denis Schwartz is a Partner Manager at Helvar, responsible for market development in the DACH region. He…

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