The Wellbeing Experience, located in London’s famous Building Centre, showcases a workplace designed solely around enhancing occupant wellbeing,health and productivity. Helvar, together with Halton, EDGE, Well FM, Clivet, the Building Centre and Tieto Empathic Building, have created an accessible public space that displays innovative solutions created to help people work and live well.

“Wellbeing is one of the biggest trends in the workplace. Helvar is delighted to champion the wellbeing movement. Our solutions create Brighter Spaces with wellbeing at their heart. The Wellbeing Experience fits nicely with our purpose of Turning Everyday Places into Brighter Spaces. With light being an essential pillar that affects the human body in the built environment, Helvar was a natural fit for this project. Seeing the space come together in all of its glory, is a proud moment for Helvar and a testament to our intelligent lighting control solutions. Wellbeing has long been a focal point for us, and I am delighted that we have the opportunity to display our solutions in a place that celebrates all things wellbeing” says Andrew Kefford, Head of Global Sales at Helvar

Natural light should be the primary source of light, but in buildings only through intelligent lighting control can we fully reach and embrace optimum indoor lighting conditions. Helvar’s intelligent lighting controls make use of the available natural light, adjusted when needed, to reach the desired light levels. They are also integrated into Halton’s ventilation solutions to allow users to customise their experience to their desired levels. Data is captured to enhance the space in terms of energy and comfort using either wireless connections or a wired Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) router.

Light Over Time is Helvar’s proprietary algorithm supporting individual wellbeing, performance and alertness which is perfect for individuals who use the space for working. Our Illustris wall panel lets you control the colour and scene to get the best human-centric lighting experience. By using our ActiveTune app, you can personalise the lighting conditions above your own working space to suit you, depending on the task you’re doing. Our SceneTouch panel also allows you to create your own lighting profiles, so you can adjust the lighting conditions at any time with just a touch of a button. Helvar Digital Services bring together the data from each solution to create the best optimizations for people and operations.

We included solutions that allow complete customisation and personalisation. The space can be tailored to your personal and mood lighting needs. I am excited for people to see our partners’ and Helvar’s solutions in action- on it’s own and integrated- letting you experience how we can enhance people’s wellbeing, health and productivity” says Lars Hellstrom, Business Development Director at Helvar

The Wellbeing Experience is open to the public on weekdays between 9am and 6pm and on Saturdays from 10am to 5pm. The space is designed to integrate the various elements of a futureproof building, maximising the eight pillars to create a live example of the ideal working environment. The location is open to both industry specialists and the general public and can be used as a workspace, or for general viewing.