303 Infrared Remote

303 Infrared Remote

Infrared remote control fitted with seven buttons that control various system functions in compatible Helvar devices.

  • Valaistuksenohjausratkaisu: Imagine
  • Valaistuksenohjausjärjestelmä: DALI lighting control



7 buttons – 4 scenes, Off, Raise/lower
Controls basic system functions
Programming tool for simple Helvar lighting systems
Address switch permits the use of multiple remotes and receivers within one area

Order code Description Electric id
303 7 Button Ir Handset 2602053

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Mechanical chassis into which one Digidim 458 series module can be fitted to provide up to 8 channels of control. Each load channel is protected by an individual MCB.

  • Valaistuksenohjausratkaisu: Imagine
  • Valaistuksenohjausjärjestelmä: Other
  • Device Mounting Method: Independent
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Mounting accessory for batten mounting the 5636 Multisense R60 and 325 Multisensor R60 to the end of a luminaire. Allows to keep an IP65 rating on the luminaire when integrating one of these sensors to it.

  • Valaistuksenohjausratkaisu: 
  • Device Mounting Method: Luminaire
  • Colour: Light grey
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Fits Australian standard back boxes. Customisable DALI-compatible range of frame kits (frame and chassis) for Helvar 12x and 13xx control modules.

  • Valaistuksenohjausratkaisu: Imagine
  • Valaistuksenohjausjärjestelmä: Other
  • Colour: 
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