434 EnOcean Gateway

434 EnOcean Gateway

The 434 EnOcean Gateway allows you to connect wireless and batteryless EnOcean controls to a Helvar DALI lighting network.

  • Valaistuksenohjausratkaisu: Imagine
  • Valaistuksenohjausjärjestelmä: Digital services and integration



Simple installation enable mounting on the ceiling or on walls
Gateway is powered by the DALI network
Up to 20 switches can be integrated via one gateway

Order code Description Electric id
434/2 Enocean Gateway 928Mhz
434 EnOcean Gateway 2602113

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Helvar Niagara 4 compatible driver provides a feature rich graphical user interface and seamless building integration to projects. The Helvar Tridium driver allows connectivity to other building systems and enables a cutting edge user interface with the power of the Niagara platform.

  • Valaistuksenohjausratkaisu: Imagine
  • Valaistuksenohjausjärjestelmä: Digital services and integration
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Intuitive touch panels to control Helvar lighting systems. This range offers out-of-box functionality to recall lighting scenes and change intensity as well as colour temperature of DALI DT8 luminaires. The panel has integrated Bluetooth to allow control using the SceneSet app.

  • Valaistuksenohjausratkaisu: 
  • Valaistuksenohjausjärjestelmä: DALI lighting control
  • Panel Backbox: 
  • Panel finish: 
  • Colour: 
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Allows sending of data from the Helvar ActiveAhead lighting system to Helvar Insights cloud platform. A site may require multiple ActiveAhead Controllers. Always sold as part of the Helvar Insights offering.

  • Valaistuksenohjausratkaisu: ActiveAhead
  • Valaistuksenohjausjärjestelmä: Digital services and integration
  • Device Mounting Method: Independent
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