CRH Office – A truly modern office

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

CRH Office
Sustainable light management for a truly modern office

CRH is a regionally, nationally and internationally operating organization and a leader in building materials. CRH owns many of the world’s leading construction and distribution companies. The company has a new European headquarters in Amsterdam. Commissioned by Klik BV, who realized the entire electrical installation, Helvar, in close collaboration with the parties involved, equipped the modern building with a sustainable light management system.
Almost all lighting in the building is (DALI) dimmable so that the building could be equipped with an extensive light management system with many modern functionalities. The lighting is divided into different zones, each zone has specific functionalities:
The lighting is switched on manually at the first entry by means of a switch or a touchscreen. The general lighting then switches on for 100% and only goes out when you leave the building.
The office is equipped with an “open office functionality.” Per area of ​​a number of workplaces, 6 luminaires are controlled by means of a motion sensor. The luminaires switch on 100% during movement. The surrounding areas turn on for 30% if no motion is detected. This functionality achieves energy savings but also ensures a comfortable feeling for the people who are at work.
A corridor function has been applied in the corridor areas. This means that the lighting in the hallway does not go out if motion is still detected in an adjacent room. In this way, the user never enters a dark corridor if he enters it from an adjacent room.
The toilets, Focus Booths, security areas and print areas also have specific programming, tailored to the use of the zone and safety. The outdoor lighting is switched by means of a light sensor and can also be overruled by means of the central control. The sun blinds can be operated locally and centrally. To prevent damage, sun protection is automatically raised when it rains or blows hard.
Helvar has realized a web-based visualization for the operation and monitoring of lighting, sun blinds and emergency lighting. All (emergency) lighting is visually displayed by means of floor plans and each room can be operated and monitored separately. The following information can be read from the luminaires: error messages, missing / defective luminaires, burning hours and energy consumption. The emergency lighting is also automatically logged by the same system and the report is sent by e-mail to the administrator.
In the meeting rooms, a direct link has been made via the ASCII protocol between the Helvar system and the Crestron AV system so that there is one control for the entire room. As a result, the AV system controls the pre-programmed scenes of the lighting and blinds.
Amsterdam, The Netherlands