Helvar in education

Good light feeds growing minds. It takes flicker-free conditions to help learners stay sharp, and intelligent lux level monitoring to efficiently harvest natural daylight. It’s a prize-winning formula for concentration, wellbeing and budgets.

Controlling lights above whiteboards and connecting cross-campus buildings – Helvar speaks to your existing facilities and audio-visual systems, creating dazzle-free learning environments.

  • "As we wanted all building systems to have state-of-the-art technology available, we selected Helvar’s wireless, self-learning and future-proof lighting control solution ActiveAhead."
  • "One of the smart building features of the Helvar system is that it enables us to collect occupancy data for all spaces. This helps us understand how our building is used and it’s in line with our smart building ambition."
    KARI MELANDER – Development Director, Ramboll
  • "Our staff have been really happy with this steady level of lighting and when they’ve been told that the lighting system is actual adjusting itself based on daylight, it has pleased them further."
    PIRJO PERNU – Director, Facilities at YIT
  • "As we changed the layout of our office from a small-room office layout into an activity based open plan office, we wanted the lighting level to be the same in all areas when people move from one place to another. At the same time, we also wanted to be able to control the lighting system based on personal needs."
    PIRJO PERNU – Director, Facilities at YIT
  • We were impressed right from concept to completion.
    Project Engineer
  • Sushi B wanted a DALI lighting control system, so Helvar were a natural choice.
    Lighting designer
  • The energy savings will help us achieve our efficiency targets as well as saving tens of thousands of pounds over the life of the installation.
    Bath University
  • Helvar’s DIGIDIM system was the best possible choice for lighting control.
    Electrical designer for the European Chemicals Agency, Helsinki
  • It’s a flexible and open system. You can easily extend it later.
    EGGER Group
  • Using Helvar lighting control was a simple decision for us.
    Wärtsilä FUNA
  • The customer support is second to none.
    Wärtsilä FUNA
  • By using Helvar, we estimate that the library has saved 70-80% of its energy used in lighting.
    Helvar, Finland
  • Helvar’s lighting control system is perfectly suited for schools. The teacher can adjust the lighting at the press of a button.
    Electrical manager for the Tervaväylä School project
  • The Helvar system copes easily with the vast number of different light loads and partition walls.
    Centre, Lisbon
  • Helvar lighting controls added the finishing touches to help create character and atmosphere.
    Generator Hostels’ lighting consultant
  • The Helvar router opens up endless possibilities that are only limited by our imagination.
    Manager for the Tipotie Health Centre installation, Tampere, Finland
  • Both the installation and programming stages ran incredibly smoothly.
    Reggiani Lighting
  • Optimum illumination and energy savings of up to 75% have exceeded our expectations.
    Hartmann International GmbH
  • There are competitors, of course. But Helvar offers the best service, the most efficient support, and the best equipment.
    Sähköpeko Oy Engineer for Vuores School
  • Pourquoi choisir Helvar ?
    • Student comfort
    • Correct light level for every activity
    • Classroom or whole building solution
    • Integration with building management and audio-visual systems
    • Automated or manual control
    • Daylight harvesting and presence detection for energy saving
    • Energy management and maintenance

Principales solutions Helvar


Éclairage intelligent pour pièces individuelles
RoomSet est conçu pour assurer une configuration rapide et facile d’espaces à reproduire en série, par exemple les salles de classe ou les bureaux.


Éclairage prédictif
ActiveAhead est un nouveau type de système. Il n’a pas besoin d’être programmé. Il apprend par lui-même dès le premier jour. Et il partage son savoir avec ses unités directement.


Solutions de gestion d’éclairage
Les routeurs DALI constituent le cœur d’Imagine. En effet, ils offrent une flexibilité inégalée en apportant des solutions de contrôle d’éclairage intelligentes pour une grande variété d’applications.

See how Helvar improves building efficiency at the University of Bristol, UK

Applications dans les milieux éducatifs

A simple stand alone design is required for classroom lighting within the education system's schools and colleges. The system must be easy to install and configure, and provide a degree of energy saving to meet with the environmental policy of the education authority and local government.

The solution is to be deployed over time to a number of institutions, it must therefore be easy to roll out across several regions and numerous electrical contractors.

A common scaleable design is allowed for each classroom that provides manual control for the main lighting, combined with absence detection and daylight harvesting for the luminaires towards the window profile. A touch control is also implemented for the white board lighting to provide simple on, off ,raise and lower functionality Luminaires used consist of linear controllable fluorescent lighting, within which the sensor is incorporated.
Sports Arena
Sports Arena
A sports arena with covered seating that requires accurate lighting levels to enhance the spectator experience, and provide sufficient lighting for televised coverage of the event.

A number of unique areas within the building ranging from the playing field, remote broadcast areas, ticketing, and of course the spectator zones such as seating, food and drink concessions, private boxes and access routes. The different spaces require different control strategies to be employed to achieve the desired lighting levels.

Control is via manual controls in the various areas that allow the arena staff to select the appropriate levels depending on the areas usage and time of day. For example, the playing field requires a different level during a live match, as opposed to a training session or maintenance. The luminaires used consist in the most part of controllable fluorescent lighting, either linear T5 or recessed compact, high bay high intensity discharge and some decorative lighting in the public areas.

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