Human centric lighting for wellbeing


Why is lighting important for your wellbeing?

At Helvar, we take our role as human-centric lighting experts seriously. Optimally lit places enhance your wellbeing, increase your productivity, and make you feel good.
Where you work, learn, or relax should all be in tune with the lighting to boost levels of personal wellbeing. Lighting guides your daily rhythm and helps to avoid the negative impacts of dark seasons.
 Wellbeing is a core focus when designing our components and our lighting solutions

The Wellbeing Experience, located in London’s famous Building Centre,
showcases a workplace designed solely around enhancing
occupant wellbeing, health and productivity.

Visit the space to find out more.

Technology allows us to design interoperable, intelligent, and user-friendly solutions that enable each of the WELL elements, and all of the building services, to work together to positively impact health and wellbeing.


Dynamic, natural lighting through DALI

Fixed lighting is unnatural – whether it’s in an office, a classroom or a hospital. Environments which feature dynamic lighting support improved wellbeing and boost productivity since they more accurately reflect the natural daylight.
Helvar Intelligent Lighting Solutions enable the design of indoor lighting to include intensity control, colour temperature control, and colour control in a standardized way, using a single DALI address – often referred to as DALI Type 8. Systems supporting DALI’s Colour temperature control standard enable you to pick a colour and intensity scene in one easy step, meaning the implementation of a dynamic lighting environment is now easier than ever before.

Helvar Solutions for Human Centric Lighting supporting Wellbeing


Le système Imagine via router procure un maximum de flexibilité pour la fourniture de solutions de contrôle d’éclairage intelligentes


Nous sommes fiers d'annoncer son lancement ActiveAhead Generation 2 HELVAR ACTIVEAHEAD® est une solution d'éclairage sans fil réellement intelligente et évolutive....

Illustris Power

ILLUSTRIS est une solution de contrôle élégante à technologie tactile pour un éclairage éco-énergétique centré sur l’humain.

Tunable White

Contrôle de la température de la lumière blanche modulable Les drivers iC DALI pour lumière blanche modulable et modules LED d’Helvar...

Light over Time is an innovation in our Human Centric Lighting range, iC being part of the Imagine Solution.The software feature brings a graphical lighting profile creation tool for dynamic tunable white solutions which can be customised to suit a variety of applications.
The feature enables lighting designers, specifiers, and end-users to graphically visualise the lighting profile for their environment resulting in a more engaging design and experience.