Helvar's truly intelligent wireless lighting solution ActiveAhead Generation 2 keeps on winning Recognitions and Awards

Helvar is pleased to announce that its lighting solution ActiveAhead equipped with self-learning AI algorithm won another recognition – the BETA Awards 2020. Recently, ActiveAhead was commended by Frost & Sullivan’s 2020 Europe Company of the Year Award for leading the AI-powered lighting controls market. ActiveAhead has also been shortlisted for Controls Product of the Year at the 2020 Lux Awards.

“We are very proud that Helvar has won the BETA Awards with our wireless, self-learning lighting control solution, ActiveAhead,” acknowledges Adel Hattab, CEO of Helvar and continues: “Our vision is to lead Lighting Intelligence to improve people’s wellbeing and it’s very pleasing that our AI innovation has been so widely acknowledged globally. Winning the BETA Awards and Frost & Sullivan’s Company of the Year Award and being shortlisted for the 2020 Lux Awards highlights that we have been able to successfully answer our customers’ and the marketplace’s demand and needs with our visionary innovation.”

Manas Nandi, Editor of BIS Infotech lightens up the decision behind the BETA Awards acknowledgement:  “BETA Awards are extended to companies which have true excellence in the domain. These awards recognize companies and their product excellence in specific categories with outstanding technical accomplishments in research, design, engineering, manufacturing and also through overall planning techniques.” He emphasises further stating: “These were the reasons we choose ActiveAhead as a winner. We were especially impressed with its unique self-learning capability.”

Frost & Sullivan’s independent analysis of the lighting controls market shows Helvar’s ActiveAhead intelligent wireless lighting solution to be unparalleled in the industry:”Helvar has excelled in visionary innovation, performance and customer impact. We are impressed with how Helvar is leading the Artificial Intelligence-powered Lighting Controls Industry. Helvar is actively collaborating with various technology companies on smart lighting technologies enabling them to support customers to become more sustainable and effective while also ensuring a comfortable and effective working environment.”

“Helvar is at the forefront of providing superior intelligent lighting controls solutions to help customers across different industries like real estate, healthcare, and education to achieve energy preservation and elevate human comfort to a new level. The company plays a central role in supporting clients in lowering energy usage and achieving higher energy efficiency as a whole.”   – Dennis Marcell, Senior Research Analyst, Frost & Sullivan

Helvar’s ActiveAhead Generation 2 is also shortlisted for Controls Product of the Year at the 2020 Lux Awards. The Lux Awards will be taking place virtually on 12th November. “It’s very exciting that we have been shortlisted at the Lux Awards with our ActiveAhead solution as the entries has been precised by a team of expert judges consisting of experienced lighting professionals, designers and end users of lighting,” expresses Tarja Jokiniemi, Helvar’s Marketing Manager of Solutions and Services and continues: “The Lux Awards are designed to reward creativity, sustainability and the exceptional ways to improve lit environments. We are happy that our innovations get recognition – last year Helvar’s Roomset solution was shortlisted too.”

Helvar’s Director of Wireless Lighting, Matti Vesterinen summarises ActiveAhead’s benefits, “As ActiveAhead is a truly intelligent and scalable wireless lighting solution, its unique self-learning capabilities give ultimate efficiency, both in setup and operations and thus the downtime is short. It is the perfect solution for offices, warehouses, stairways, parking garages and in renovation or refurbishment projects, where wiring would be time-consuming or costly to install.”

ActiveAhead will continuously learn and generate insights, maximising positive impact on wellbeing and optimising the ever-evolving smart buildings. Adaptive solution brings savings and insights throughout the Building Lifetime. Personal Lighting enhances users’ comfort and wellbeing with always optimal lighting.

Matti Vesterinen continues: “An ActiveAhead node starts learning from the moment it’s powered up and it never stops. This unique patented self-learning algorithm is supported by a growing selection of products, features and services. For Helvar, customer needs have always been paramount, and this has fuelled our innovation to launch a solution like ActiveAhead to unleash the full potential of future-proof intelligent lighting. We are also pleased that many leading Luminaire Manufacturers collaborate with us. ActiveAhead enabled luminaires bring enhanced comfort and energy savings, and this AI equipped solution can be easily integrated into almost any luminaires.”

References: www.helvar.com/solutions/activeahead/
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ActiveAhead ready luminaires
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