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Aprile 2020

Helvar Celebrating WELL: supporting individual lighting control needs using ActiveTune

  • Aprile 28, 2020

Author: Henri Juslén  If you take a look at the person next to you, you will see differences, even if they…

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Helvar Celebrating WELL: supporting circadian rhythms with LoT

  • Aprile 21, 2020

Author: Henri Juslén  Sleep is an important part of recharging the body, but did you know that the quality of your…

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Helvar Celebrating WELL: the right amount of light enhances wellbeing

  • Aprile 14, 2020

Author: Henri Juslén  We all know that light helps us to see. We also know that for different tasks we need…

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Helvar HQ awarded prestigious WELL Certification!

  • Aprile 6, 2020

  Helvar recently received confirmation from the International WELL Building Institute™ IWBI that our WELL certificate according to standard version 2...

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