Ghent, Belgium

Superior comfort & luxury at Pillows Grand Hotel

The renovated ‘Pillows Grand Hotel’ is located in a protected building, a stone’s throw from the historic centre of Ghent. The Louis XIV-style mansion can accommodate tourists from all over the world, as well as businesspeople using the meeting rooms or “salons”.


Helvar provided the hotel with lighting control. The lighting control consists of several preprogrammed “loops” that automatically overlap each other based on the built-in astronomical clock and the calendar function. In this way, a pleasant yet functional atmosphere is evoked at breakfast in the restaurant; later in the evening the direct lighting is dimmed and the indirect lighting starts is tuned up more.


In addition to the DALI lighting, specially designed luminaires are also included in the system. Above the bar there are old fixtures that have been “refurbished” and therefore completely fit in with the style of the hotel. These luminaires can be switched via a DALI relay, so that all functionalities of the system can also be applied to these luminaires.
In the conference room, a touchscreen has been placed with which, in addition to the beamer, you can also control the lighting. Various pre-programmed scenes can be called up: general lighting / cleaning / meeting / presentation / mood lighting. If desired, the different zones, from the “Grand Saloon” to the entrance hall, can also be manually overruled.

Ghent, Belgium