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Tune the light settings above desk using an easy-to-use mobile app. Favourite lights as well as light settings can be saved to access them faster through the app. Supported by ActiveAhead solution.
Android application to test the ActiveAhead luminaires at the end of the luminaire production line.
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Mounting accessory for the 5630 ActiveAhead Sense multi sensor. Mount the sensor in a rectangular hole on an ActiveAhead luminaire or e.g. to the side of the luminaire. Scheda tecnica
Mounting accessory to mount the 5630 ActiveAhead Sense multi sensor to a recessed ceiling. Scheda tecnica
Mounting accessory to mount the 5634 ActiveAhead Node Sense multi sensor radio node to a recessed ceiling. Scheda tecnica
Fine-tune the ActiveAhead 2018 solution with the mobile application. The application is available for approved mobile devices (iPhone 4s / iPad 3rd gen / Android 4.4 onwards) equipped with Bluetooth low energy. With the mobile application you can configure single luminaire, group or network of luminaires.
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Helvar ActiveHeat is an intelligent, easy to use, energy saving thermostat. It listens to the ActiveAhead Nodes and toggles between ECO and Comfort temperatures according to the actual nearby space occupancy. Scheda tecnica
  • Famiglia prodotto: ActiveAhead 2018
  • Montaggio: Apparecchio, a soffitto
  • Sensore di movimento PIR, Sensore di luminosità
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