What does it mean to be a Helvar Partner?

We are Helvar.

This year, we reach a pivotal moment in our history – our 100th birthday.

This milestone is something our team is incredibly proud of, however it’s not a journey we’ve made on our own. We’ve worked alongside Helvar Partners in over 50 countries worldwide, and our ambition to grow and develop is shared throughout our global team.

Today, our Partner Channel is growing faster, stronger and brighter than ever before, and we can’t wait to see what the future has in store for us. So, we thought we’d take a moment to hear what some of our Partners have to say about working with us…

Margus Norkko – Alter Baltics OÜ

We used to use another suppliers DALI systems, however there was limited investment in new products and solutions. We then started to work with Helvar, and could see that Helvar wanted to invest more and more into new, different solutions. Looking back, we’re very satisfied with the decision that we made in working with Helvar – we’ve worked with Helvar for 9 years now, and the relationship has not only helped us to grow, but also we’ve learnt so much!

How would I describe Helvar?
Quality, promise-keepers, a strong partner.

#TeamCreation – Creation Gulf Trading LLC

Working with Helvar is always a pleasure. Despite being a Manufacturer, they always work with us as partners which is in line with our preferred style of working as well. Whether it is support during design, during execution, or even for marketing, we can always count on Helvar to provide us with support. The experience is only enhanced by the amazing people working at Helvar in every department!

We have been working with Helvar since, a little over 6 years. The relationship with Helvar has definitely impacted business in a positive way. We like to think of ourselves as one of the leaders in the region for Lighting and Lighting Control technology. Helvar’s continuous innovations and upgrades has helped us retain this reputation. Furthermore, Helvar has helped us fill certain gaps in our offerings which helps us provide a well rounded and complete solution to our Clientele.

How would we describe Helvar?
Ever-evolving, Human-centric, Collaborative.

Daniel Grün – Project Management / Corporate Development, LIPA Lichtpartner GmbH

Helvar is a good company. The product portfolio helps us to find solutions for lighting concepts. The service works very reliably. The collaboration is perfect and we look forward to continuing working as a partner for and with Helvar. We have been a Helvar partner for 12 months now – the cooperation gives us the opportunity to offer complete system solutions that are very well received by our customers, and this gives us a special position in relation to customer cooperation.

How would I describe Helvar?
They’re a a good business partner, with good products, and they’re very helpful for us.

Stanley Ong – CEO, ELR Group / LumiAmbience

Helpful, knowledgable team of professionals around the world serving us in Malaysia with very flexible arrangement across time zone. We have been with Helvar for 5 months, we are amazed with the level of details from product trainings, business case discussion, to very individual problem solving video demonstration has greatly enhance our solutions and support credibility towards our clientele.

How would I describe Helvar?
Future-focused, intelligent, simple.

Harry Lam – CEO, Mindstec Distribution

I have always enjoyed our working relationship with Helvar. We have obtained reliable support and resources from Helvar’s professional sales and technical teams. This enables us to offer localized service support in Asia without time difference, provide customized technical training and strengthened our power to provide local stocking for instant delivery to suit Asian market.

Kazuya Kitada – Director, Rayos Ltd

We are proud to work with the historic company, who has innovative technology and solutions. We’ve worked with Helvar for about 21 years: we cooperate from 2000, then we have reached System Partner from 2012. Thanks to the steady relationship with Helvar, we were able to introduce DALI to the field of lighting control in Japan.

How would I describe Helvar?
They are a pioneer in lighting technology.

Ralf Boeckhoff, Andreas Köhler – Wärtsilä FUNA

For FUNA working with Helvar means we are able to supply to our customers a state-of-the-art dimming system which is very flexible to cover many different requirements. It is great to work together with a manufacturer who understands our market and is able to provide also long-term support for our service department. Communication with our contacts in Helvar is always very positive and if we have issues it is always problem solving at the end. In more than 25 years FUNA and Helvar have been growing together and we were able to share many experiences of our projects. This results in a very strong partnership. Over the years we have seen some new products which have been developed to the needs of our market. And this is for a system integrator like FUNA a key to make our customers happy.

How would we describe Helvar?
Trustworthy partnership, Reliable over many years, Always very supportive

Reinhard Krotz – Managing Director, Working Light LED Lichtsysteme GmbH

Helvar is made up of professional people with a positive spirit. It’s inspiring… We’ve worked with Helvar for around one year now, and already the relationship is core part of our company strategy.

How would I describe Helvar?
Innovative, target-oriented, focused

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