Monitoring & Maintenance

How to keep your lighting controls tip-top, 24/7

Remote Monitoring and Maintenance will change the way you manage your lighting control systems. See how your sites are performing anytime, anywhere – from your mobile, tablet or laptop. Get email alerts if there’s ever a problem. And maintain control systems remotely.

Save time. Boost efficiency. Take control.


Key values of Monitoring & Maintenance for:

  • Installer
    Cut your cost during warranty time by being always able to get automated diagnosis the light control system and by being able to remotely and securely access any installation
  • Facility Manager
    Get more productive by digitising and automating alert, notification and recommendation process
  • Tenant & Building Owner
    Get the peace of mind your investment into a smart light control system pays off
24/7 multi-site monitoring
A secure, server-less and modern solution that let’s you see how all your connected sites are working. Accessible from anywhere. At anytime
Easy access to information and dashboard
No local programs to install. Access your sites through any device – PC, Mac, smart device. Immediately see what needs to be done with an intuitive dashboard
Prioritised alerts
Receive real-time alerts for any malfunctions and incidents in your lighting control system. Prioritised by how critical they are to help you plan your work
Fast and easy resolution with auto recommendations
Each alert is accompanied by a specific recommendation on how to further diagnose or potentially resolve the issue
Notifications with severity level
Subscribe to receive notifications via email for each site and each severity level, to help you react fast
Log histories for deeper analysis
A history of system events lets you dig into issues when needed
Access via VPN
Access capability for maintenance teams to centralise support over several sites at once
Easy Integration
Alerts from sites can be integrated into other building system and services through well documented APIs
See where the issues are
Instantly get a floorplan view of issues in the building, colour coded by severity level. You can see whether they are concentrated, and where the most critical ones are
Save time and money on emergency lighting tests
Emailed DALI emergency reports save you time and money by completing emergency lighting tests with a click of a button
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